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Discussing the legacy of Donald Trump and future of conservatism

It’s a strange situation when I find myself the optimist in a situation but that is precisely what happened in reference to Donald Trump in a recent live discussion with my colleague, JD Rucker. When setting out to discuss the legacy of Donald Trump, I did so not to navel gaze but to understand the current political climate and how we should move forward. I did not anticipate agreeing with JD on everything which is why I wanted to have him on to discuss, yet I found myself much more optimistic about the conservative movement moving forward.

Prior to this stream, I was, and still am frustrated with Donald Trump. He peddled panic porn that locked the country down and ultimately enable severe violations of liberty as well as Trump’s own downfall. I see a conservative movement that must clean up the mess we are left with. JD, in contrast, views Trump as a viable political force in the years to come and perhaps the only chance the movement has.

In evaluating the Republican Party, I think we are better off now, because people are more awake to bad Republicans. I would also believe that certain RINOs are waiting to declare a dramatic exit in the Washington Post whereas JD was more cynical about the establishment’s grip on the party. He even articulated that a left of center Republican like Larry Hogan could be the 2024 nominee. In contrast, I do not think that he could win his own state (Maryland) in a contested primary.

Towards the end of the video, we discuss conservative media, most notably Fox News. It’s worth noting that all of the outlets that JD called out are outlets that promote transgenderism. JD still believes that Fox News has a firm grip on the industry as well as establishment outlets. We conclude the video going through a list of potential candidates for 2024.

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4 Responses

  1. This comment is regarding the text above, not the lengthy video. Re: the statement “He peddled panic porn that locked the country down and ultimately enable severe violations of liberty as well as Trump’s own downfall.” The panic porn has been spewing overwhelmingly from the usual mostly far-left outlets- the MSM and Big Tech/social media. They panicked, escalated it some more, now Trump is gone, and they are still pushing it. The overwhelming media narrative about Trump during this was “He’s negligent, he’s getting people killed”. With an upcoming election, there was politically feasible way for him to push for a no-lockdown policy, and he had to at least give lip service to Dr. Fauci, etc. The media had the upper hand in this situation, because of the panic that they successfully whipped up. To the extent that the virus contributed to his election loss, it was more likely from people influenced by the media that “he didn’t do enough”.

    1. Sorry, sentence from above should read With an upcoming election, there was NO politically feasible way for him to push for a no-lockdown policy, and he had to at least give lip service to Dr. Fauci, etc.

    2. When Fauci lied to Congress about the severity of the virus in March, he should have been fired then because it contradicted his position less than two weeks prior. Fauci would only be a nuisance on CNN which nobody watches. But after Fauci lied to Congress, then the lockdowns began because that moment is what created the panic. The media narrative you say would have happened already did happen without embracing a no-lockdowns approach. So Trump suffered all of the blowback with none of the benefits. Furthermore, he should have asserted control over the data so as to not label every death a COVID death and fired his FDA officials that attacked HCQ while shilling for Remdesivere. The media had the upper hand because Trump gave it to them. He didn’t control the data despite the fact that the CDC and HHS work for him.

  2. If Trump would have fired Fauci, and started firing FDA officials, the media would have freaked even more than they did, and he likely would have been impeached, again, by the Democrats, for “putting the lives of the nation in Grave Danger”. That would have hurt his re-election prospects, and Trump knew it. I understand the desire to take a hard line on the issue, but he did have to play politics to some extent. And anyway, the States decided their actions individually, right? Also, look at the severe lock downs that have occurred in the UK, Europe, and elsewhere. They don’t take their orders from Trump or Fauci.The media everywhere loves panic porn, and in the US they were also nearly united in their rapid desire to get rid of Trump. And what were his options to get his messages out? Twitter and Fox News vs. the entirety of the rest of the media, big tech, and entertainment industry. Trump was up against it like no modern president ever has been, and any future conservative candidate is going to have the same hurdles if this doesn’t change.

    Enjoying your site, by the way!

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