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Jory Micah

Jory Micah goes full heretic! Never go full heretic.

There are few “influencers” in evangelical circles as woke as Jory Micah and John Pavlovitz. In fact, Jory Micah was one of the first false teachers I ever wrote about, before I democratized the process, not because she is low hanging fruit but so that this categorization could be used to make implications on other teachers that affirmatively cite or interact with her. A reminder of the logical conclusion of theological liberalism came about when she tweeted this:

I’ve spent my whole life studying the Bible, which I believe has made me a wiser person; and yet, the Bible is not my final authority anymore because I’m wise enough now to understand that I could be interpreting it wrong. What I trust most now is my own inner guidance system.

Christian theology teaches us that when we decide to follow Christ, our hearts, minds and spirits are redeemed and rejuvenated…then we teach Christians not to trust themselves. It doesn’t make sense. We need to learn how to flow with the Spirit of God inside of us.

Christians need to learn everything about intuition & discernment. We have been conditioned not to “judge” people, but we must learn to judge people in order to keep each other safe from liars/abusers. We need to wake up from our slumber & learn how to judge with wisdom & justice

Jory Micah 02/22/2021

The irony is that I agree with the last tweet/paragraph about intuition and discernment which is why I am further warning others about her and her influence.

But what she is really saying is that “she be like God.” It’s the oldest trick in the Devils’ book, “Did God really say?” Jory Micah’s answer is “I don’t know.” Now this likely stems from a scoffing rejection of what the Bible says and subsequent attempt to seek special knowledge as to it’s meaning. Theological liberalism, after all, contains repackaged Gnosticism. But Jory Micah, despite claiming to be a theologian isn’t even going to pretend to be a Gnostic. She is going to use her heart to supersede the Bible.

Many people do this, without being so open about it, because the Bible contains uncomfortable truth that they do not want to accept. Don’t let that be you.


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  1. Thank you Ray for posting that quote. It is a supreme example of circular reasoning: “I can’t follow the Bible because I could be interpreting it wrong, therefore I will follow me” the flawed interpreter!? Then she concludes, “we need to… learn how to judge with wisdom & justice.” And the obvious question becomes, “how then do you do that?” The real Christian responds: “The Bible… of course!” Keep up the good work!

  2. Use the Bible to test the spirits. She’s saying to just trust the spirits, no matter what the Bible says?! I have an idea what kind of spirit put that idea in her head! Yikes.

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