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Equality Act advances to Senate. Republican Resolve surprisingly strong.

As the Equality Act advances to the Senate, there is a sense of optimism that the bill may not pass through the Senate’s 60 vote threshold. With only 3 Republicans in the House of Representatives voting in favor of the bill, there may be hope yet for a cohesive stand against the bill, I previously did not anticipate. Previously I had written that the Georgia Senate runoffs were inconsequential because the Democrats have the votes for anything other than a Green New Deal (by name). However, the Equality Act is so far proving too radioactive for even pro-transgenderism Republicans like Adam Kinzinger of Illinois to vote for it. He recently attacked Marjorie Taylor Greene for trolling Rep Marie Newman who has a transvestite son (presumed biological gender.)


And while there are far fewer good Republicans in the Senate than in the House, the bad Republicans in the House, like Kinzinger, are quite far left. So even with that only three voted in favor of the Equality Act. In the Senate, I presumed Republicans would break, but the strong stance in the House proves reason for optimism.

Mitt Romney, and his profound faith, opened the doors to homosexual marriage in Massachusetts, as governor. Susan Collins is pro-abortion, and Lisa Murkowski is likewise a solid bet to vote in favor. It would seem the usual suspects for stabbing their base in the back may hang out to dry on this issue.

Undoubtedly, many Republicans were relieved when Neil Gorsuch effectively codified the Equality Act via the Supreme Court already, perhaps thinking the Democrats would not push through this red meat that their base wants. Alas, the fight is upon us, and Big Eva supported this, less you forget. The Republican Party is largely against us on social issues, a prime example of this being noted homosexual pederast John Weaver. However, the conservative base has made the Equality Act so toxic it does not seem many Republicans think they can get away with voting for it. For comparison, 10 Republicans in the House voted for impeachment 2.0.

I make no promises that the GOP Senate will not break, but the likelihood that they won’t just skyrocketed.


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  1. I hope the dems don’t just ignore the parliamentarian and include the minimum wage hike. You can’t create law like that in budget reconciliation! One of things that took the Weimer Republic from modest to hyper-inflation was a jump in industrial wages (read lower wage earners) due to government intervention on the side of workers. I know this is a controversial statement and wish I had more time to research the exact mechanics of it. But, anyone can see that doubling the minimum wage would greatly increase costs for employers, and those would have to be passed on the consumer. Can our economy handle it, especially considering how much inflation they’re currently hiding? A lot of people laugh and say it can never happen hear, but the signs are everywhere.

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