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Pagan ‘And Campaign’ growing rapidly

It’s been over a year since I have addressed the And Campaign. The existence of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, and perhaps the Falkirk Center should be noted here too, as the “allies” of theological conservatives are in some ways more adversarial than the overtly woke political activists in the church organized in the And Campaign.

Jon Harris did an excellent breakdown of the And Campaign when they launched. In revisiting this topic, I took a look at how they’ve updated their branding post election. The And Campaign remains effectively pro-abortion by declaring that they are “holistically pro-life” therefore believe that welfare policies are the answer to abortion as opposed to implementing homicide statutes in cases of abortions, as is my public stance. In addition to their pitiful stance on abortion, these “Christians” support open borders policies, the war on poverty, and felons voting.

And while they do not support the Equality Act, they champion the Equality Act lite known as the Fairness For All Act. This act appears to be all of the same nonsense with religious exemptions.

But there was another interesting tidbit that I think was updated since COVID. They appear to be pro lockdowns. Consider what they say under religious freedom:

Religious freedom is not absolute, but it should only be infringed upon when absolutely necessary and with the common good in mind. This idea is not new, but reflected in both statutes and our Constitution. Christian institutions deserve full inclusion in American society, and efforts to starve or stigmatize Christian institutions by force of law or government-endorsed marginalization should be opposed.

They explicitly state that the government can infringe upon religious liberty for the “common good” which is the most subject standard. Communists have always championed the phrase “in order to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs.” The 20th century saw millions of broken eggs all for the “common good.” So, unless the church is being besieged by the FBI or ATF in a convent, the And Campaign does not care about lockdowns as a form of persecution.

But the And Campaign is well funded and growing rapidly. With four urban chapters prior to 2020, they expanded to seven in 2020 with plans to launch ten in 2021. This rapid growth may indicate that they should be taken more seriously as a viable threat to the teaching of a Christian public theology.

Social Justice is not justice, nor can it be married to morality in public policy. The fundamental premise to of the And Campaign is pagan, and it’s policy goals are therefore unbiblical.


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  1. What’s going to happen when we have to lockdown to save carbon and churches are closed as non-essential? I was always able to go into a Walmart and cough and sneeze through my mask (a virus is .1 microns, surgical masks only stop things down to 2 or 3 microns, it even says on the box it won’t stop covid, gators/other cloths even worse) all over products and put them back on the shelf. If you think lockdowns were about stoping a virus, explain that, please, I beg you. For a person without comorbidities, it is more dangerous to drive to the church than to get covid.

    For churches to give in so easily for so long we are really going to feel it the next ‘lockdown’ for the next ‘crisis’. They have the court cases to resist, they just lack the resolve.

    I understand they want to go along to get along, but the powers that be have no interest in getting along with us. By going along you are opening the door to your own demise. We have to do a better job at standing up for ourselves. We are every bit, and more, important than Walmarts!

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