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February 2021 EDW Report

Every month, I like to provide an update on the progress being made and upcoming events. February, I believe was another step in the right direction. Ever since Google search began throttling Evangelical Dark Web, I’ve focused more on developing the existing traffic, to success. You readers, are what keeps this site going, as there is no clickbait social media scheme to drive traffic, as I may be mentally incapable of clickbaity headlines, but I suppose that is in the eye of the beholder. Given that there are only 28 days in February, Evangelical Dark Web is on a pace to recover from Google censorship and be more impactful.

February was a month with a lot of controversy. It started out with John MacArthur’s wealth. And while I am not convinced that there is a real scandal here, we should always be willing to ask the serious questions, or else we are worse than the how the Catholics regard their popes. Unfortunately, the Julie Roys article did not do that. It essentially supported a narrative that because MacArthur is rich, he is automatically a hypocrite. I concluded that Julie Roys acted in bad faith. To my own amusement, I know for a fact Julie Roys was angered by my characterization of her. But she is a Karen. Anyone who peddles in panic porn over COVID is serving a false eschatology, and is therefore my enemy.

Then we rolled right into the conclusion of Ravi Zacharias. Interestingly enough, Big Eva jumped on a bandwagon to dunk on Ravi Zacharias. Whereas, Evangelical Dark Web reported on this is January, our primary delay being the Christmas season, with the promise of revisiting the issue when the final report was released. Big Eva sure took their time addressing this issue, and once they finally had to, they seemingly lacked the self awareness that many of their organizations support all sorts of frivolity, most obviously NAMB. I do not trust the report when it largely exonerates RZIM given that RZIM paid for the report.

Other than that the focus was generally on influential pastors. There was no shortage of topics last month but a lot of the topics were simultaneous.

Quick Stats


On Saturday, March 6th, I will debut a deep dive into the pastor of America’s largest church and present evidence that they serve the Social Justice Gospel and advance Critical Race Theory. This will be on the Evangelical Dark Web YouTube channel. You won’t want to miss it. And you won’t since the article will go up Sunday morning.


There were no new articles published in February after publishing two in January. This seems like a setback, but I spent considerable time updating existing verdicts. The Ravi Zacharias full report came out and I updated it accordingly. Trevin Wax was updated because of his participation on The Gospel Coalition’s woke podcast. The announcement is in reference to a false teacher I have covered. Last month, I wrote that I would compile the requests and reorganize them, and I did just that.

Site Changes

Last month I explained I had built a Patreon-like platform for this site. This has not yet been published. My hesitancy is long term foundational tech stuff. But when this launches, it will have additional content for this service.

Personal Note

In February, I’ve had to take on additional responsibility, which has me operating at full capacity. I have no plans to scale back, for even during this, I created a mini-documentary of sorts. I just wanted to let you all know.

March Mission

In March, I believe the number one battle front will be the Equality Act. And I am a lot more optimistic about this than I was a month ago. If impeachment is a baseline, then Republicans look like they will hold. But only if the the base makes this bill so radioactive, it’s untouchable. If this goes through then we are looking at revival resembling the underground church in China. God works all things for good for the saints. Let this not excuse inaction in fighting a cult that targets children.

No Retreat,


Be Prepared For The Times

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  1. Great news that you’ve almost recovered from Google attacks! I’m new at following you and think you are doing such a good job. God Bless you!

  2. Thanks Ray! That last paragraph both choked me up and encouraged me. “…revival resembling the underground church in China”… is frightening and exciting. I’ve lived in Eastern Europe for years and the pastors who stood in persecution say, “back then life was hard, but we had fire! Now look at us…”
    For those who stand – the joy will be great!

    Can you give any concrete suggestions about how to be active against The Cult that targets children? I never feel like I have the tools to be proactive and truth – I’m scared!

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