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Alabama Senate passes bill to criminalize transgendering children

While the Democrats are an institution of great evil, the Republican Party is often an abysmal opponent, and the word “opponent” is often undeserved. Whereas, the Republican Party has largely succeeded with on gun rights, the Republican Party took decades to pass meaningful pro-life legislation at the state levels. However, the Alabama legislature took steps to take the offensive against the Satanic agenda.

SB10, which calls itself the Alabama Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act, takes aim at making it illegal for doctors to transgender a child. Here’s a link to the text of the bill. It’s key point are as follows:

  1. Prohibits medical professionals from transgendering a child
    • Medical procedure or medication
    • Includes puberty blockers
    • Provides exceptions based on a medical diagnosis that can be empirically proven
  2. Mandate that schools notify parents of a child’s expressed inconsistency with their gender
  3. Establishes criminal penalties for the violation of this law
    • A Class C felony in Alabama appears to come with up to 10 years in prison and or a $15,000 fine.

There is no grandfather clause in this bill, meaning that once this bill is enforced doctors will have to cease their current child abusing practices. This bill does not address males competing in women’s sports nor gendered spaces like bathrooms; however, one can argue that it mitigates these issues.

The bill passed the Alabama Senate 23-4 along strictly partisan lines.


This bill is the first of its kind and while I would argue that this bill does not go far enough, it does go further than what any state has done. This offensive initiative is to be commended. While the Equality Act is being debated in the Senate where, right now it does not seem like they have the votes to pass, Republican legislature, especially in states where they hold a trifecta, should grab ahold of this issue and protect kids from those who would groom them into becoming sexual experiments. I maintain my position that parents and doctors who do this to children should be registered sex offenders. The Alabama Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act is a welcomed step in the right direction.

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7 Responses

  1. Science is well aware of how sensitive children’s developing bodies are, especially to various hormones. That educated scientists and doctors can give them hormones, not to replace missing ones, but to purposely change their bodies and in amounts and ways not researched… its hard to find the words! It has to be satan clouding people’s judgment. Hopefully more states follow. We have to take a stand.

  2. up to about age 8, children are sponges, receptive to all, without the discernment or ability to reject evil and choose the good of God, that is why the “state” socialist government and satanic religion are trying to get children away from their parents and under their dark agenda before they can reach the ability to discern.

      1. so true, plus same sex attraction as friends in our psychosocial development has been sexualized to mean same sex sexual attraction: a lie from the pit of hell

    1. And that’s not hyperbole! You are so true. If you look at the Geneva conventions on medical experimentation the argument can be made that it is criminal. Aside from being evil, diabolical, etc.

  3. Wow – thanks for the information about Alabama. Great news amongst all the darkness.

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