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“Pro-Life” Evangelicals For Biden immediately regrets their decision

The words “we told you so” are insufficient for the most prominent Biden “Christian” voters who have apparently regretted their decision very early into his reign. Back when I first heard about the Pro-Life Evangelicals For Biden, I would have thought this was a massive interference operation with perhaps less pederasty than the Lincoln Project. But apparently this was a serious movement to rid our nation of mean tweets. And so they believed they struck a bargain that they could advocate welfare policies to pay women not to kill their children in exchange for mitigated pro-abortion policy. The “deal” did not last very long, and the organization leaders released a statement lamenting the “betrayal.”


In the famous words of Darth Vader, “I’m altering the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further.” And the deal they struck was truly a pitiful one. This is not 1990 where the Hyde Amendment was meaningful legislation. Because any taxpayer money that goes to Planned Parenthood fuels their abortion practices. So their gains were moot and they didn’t even get that.

You don’t win at politics by begging political machines to cater to you on a trivial matter. You win by governing in ways that shift the Overton Window. The biggest lesson here was that this organization was not a psy-op, it was just ran by academic idiots who know nothing of politics. We can work with people who are fearful squishy. However, only God can fix stupid.


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