Woke evangelicals know social justice, not actual justice

The trial process for Derek Chauvin is underway, and one of the most important parts is happening right now. The jury selection is where the prosecution and defense fight to frame the jury to their advantage. The prosecution wants woke people in the jury and the defense wants the blue lives matter crowd to fill the seats. Due to the high profile nature of this case, finding an untainted jury is particularly a greater challenge.

Potential juror 29 was rejected by the prosecution. She was a lawyer and gave answers indicating that she forms an opinion based on evidence. Then potential juror 30 arrives. He is a woke evangelical music minister at a church. Evangelical is an inference made based on the description of the church, its size and structure.

It does not take long for the juror to appear to be unable to be impartial. During the questionnaire he received upon summons, he answered that he believed Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd with a chokehold despite multiple pleas for help. Not only did the juror use the word murder, he also used the word chokehold. The juror was adamant in the questionnaire of a proper charge and cause of death despite the lack of evidence.

The line of questions continued from the defense attorney who asked about the juror’s opinions on various topics. He evidently supports defunding the police and sending social workers on emergency calls. He believes that police are racist because of implicit bias. He referred to “Blue Lives Matter” as racist in the questionnaire but softened his tone when being questioned.

The biggest crux was when the defense attorney asked him if he can truly put aside his strong beliefs to examine the evidence and the juror gave an answer that inspired zero confidence. Ultimately the judge asks him one last time if he can be impartial. He is dismissed by the defense afterwards.

Impartiality when judging a situation is a command from Scripture. It does not matter whether a man is rich or poor, much less their skin color. That is the calling of Scripture, and those who believe in social justice fundamentally reject this calling because social justice requires partiality based on Cultural MArxist dynamics. It requires one to assume racism played a factor is George Floyd’s death. It requires a sense or need to rectify the racism perceived. That’s precisely why the qualifier “social” is added to justice.

A call to action

Evangelical Dark Web is an online ministry that fights to maintain the orthodoxy’s and orthopraxy of Evangelical Christianity. We are specifically set up to fight three false gospels in particular: the Social Justice GospelProsperity Gospel, and Popularity Gospel. We also do in depth research to answer reader questions about false teachers. Consider subscribing to support these efforts.

One comment

  1. I appreciate you following this for us. I just don’t have the time. ‘Social Justice’ is the world’s new idea of justice, not God’s. Nothing society wants me to do to repent of perceived sins or for some type of forgiveness holds any water. Man cannot forgive sins so I just won’t go to him for forgiveness!

    As for this trial, no good is going to come from it. It’s an opportunity to show the youth the outcome of drugs and crime. Instead, it will stand as warning for those trying to STOP drugs and crime. No matter the outcome, great damage has already been done. Just look at the statistics on the inner cities from the last couple years. Sad!


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