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Beth Moore’s financial losses show success of online discernment

There’s a purpose to what people like myself do. I set up Evangelical Dark Web to expose three false gospels, specifically. And among the false teachers influencing this journey were Brian Houston and Beth Moore, along Big Eva’s silence on Pete Buttigieg. But what I learned quickly was that there were very limited resources on false teachers outside of low hanging fruit. And while I have also written about low hangers like Steven Furtick and Bill Johnson, these were out of popular demand. But what I really wanted do was break new ground.

At first this began by tackling false teachers I encounter via social media. John Pavlovitz and Jory Micah are certainly obvious heretics. But this research in addition to being useful was designed to attack their search results. I also first wrote about Beth Moore being a false teacher during this time.

But in an effort to break new ground, as was my goal, I turned the system over to the readers. By setting up a system where readers can request people to research, I received names that had not been talked about by others online. Exposing Mike Todd was certainly groundbreaking done by Evangelical Dark Web, as was Dharius Daniels who will probably need to be updated soon and John Mark Comer. Another number of people are not given enough exploration like Chris Hodges, Matt Chandler, and John Piper. I was never trying to disrupt a niche ministry, only be useful and break new ground.

Beth Moore has long been labeled a false teacher by many. JD Hall and Michelle Lesley are among some of the OGs of calling her out. With her leaving the Southern Baptist Convention, it’s clear the impact online discernment had was ultimately behind her ulterior motives for this career move. From fiscal year 2017 to 2019, Living Proof Ministries incurred a loss of $1.8 million. Beth Moore can blame Trump all she wants, and while Trump is ultimately great at revealing the character of people, he is given too much credit here. People were waking up to Beth Moore. There is no shortage of material scrutinizing her. My own reporting is more heavily focused on her embrace of the Social Justice Gospel whereas others have different specialties. And that is what led to her ministry’s financial struggles.

The collective effort of online discernment woke people up to the deception of Beth Moore. And it will continue on to other wolves as well. It’s not a one man job, but decentralized independent entities exposing false teachers will awaken the grassroots to root out these people.

Beth Moore will have a soft landing, but her influence appears as though it will be isolated to the mainline protestants and the Hillsong crowd moving forward. That is a victory.

It’s Beth Moore today. It could be Kevin Ezell, Russell Moore, or JD Greear tomorrow. And I am encouraged by this outcome. Perhaps The Gospel Coalition and Christianity Today will suffer massive financial losses as the result of their corrupt influence being exposed. I look forward to this.

I observe a great pruning taking place in the church. We will be smaller but stronger. It may look pretty or we may be forced underground. But God is good and in control. This reminder is what No Retreat 2021 is about. And one of the metrics of success is the financial hardship of false teachers and their organizations.

The church functions at its best when the Christians act according to their spiritual gifts. Just as different body parts have different functions, so to do Christians.


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