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Ninis Deli

Paint the Wall Black: What happens when BLM encounters a Christian

Christian film has been an interest of mine for years, despite never growing up immersed in it. The story of Nini’s Deli is a powerful example of proclaiming the gospel when under immense pressure to conform to the world. The story is about a man named Juan Riesco. His life story is also a story that brings glory to God. the gospel saved him from homosexuality and a criminal lifestyle. He then took a newfound ethic of serving customers as if he was serving Jesus and managed the rise of Nini’s Deli to become one of the most sought after restaurants in the United States.

But after the death of George Floyd his influence in the Chicago area invited intense pressure to support the Black Live Matter movement. He refused to paint the metaphorical lamb’s blood on his business, and the mob came after him for it. Brand names ceased doing business with him. Juan and his family were under constant harassment for their faith.

When the mob showed up to Nini’s Deli, Juan and his church preached the gospel to the mob. According to the documentary, people came to know the Lord as a result of hearing the gospel preached on the streets of Chicago.

Last Stand Studios did a highly professional job telling this story, in their documentary debut. It was crisp and compelling, and it was all delivered in about fifty minutes. The Christian grassroots have been putting out compelling documentaries and this one is continuing that trend.

The story of Nini’s Deli is about suffering for Christ and losing a once great establishment to the pagans. However, Juan Riesco, his family, and his church are trusting in God’s plan and that He will use what the mob intended for evil for good.


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  1. Wow, just saw that documentary! Ten minutes in I paused it to send to others. I thank God for the courage and fortitude of these brethren. And thank you brother for posting this. Paint The Wall Black is a MUST see.

  2. I can’t wait to watch this documentary. Thank you so mcuh for sharing it! Like the comment from Lisa Beth, I just watched about one minute of it and thought, “I NEED to share this!” But, decided that I should watch it first. Wow, the body of Christ need each other now more than ever. I pray that we will all support one another and stand together as persecution gets worse.

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