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Christians need organization that leverages Republican Party, not the other way around

It’s quite obvious that Christians have no sway on the Democrat Party. The feigned shock of Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden exemplifies just how little this political machine cares for the woke Evangelical charlatans. The classic Christian response from an institutional level has been to create lofty organizations like the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. However the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission run by the left of center Russell Moore is an overinflated blog and nothing else.

In response to this ineffectiveness, Jerry Falwell Jr and Charlie Kirk founded the Falkirk Center at Liberty University. The problem with this organization is similar. It is little more than a blog or think tank. At a foundational level, it is named after two clowns. Neither Jerry Falwell Jr nor Charlie Kirk are socially conservative. Turning Point USA promotes homosexuality and transgenderism, which has spawned a counter movement known as the Groypers helmed by Gen Z tradcon Catholics who have given rise to antiemetic and racist beliefs.

However the grievances of the Groypers cannot be dismissed. Conservatives in America should care more about conserving America’s culture than Israel’s culture. Conservatives need to recognize that by promoting transgenderism, they are terraforming the culture to one that will believe any false narrative that, ultimately, Satan wants to promote on our society. Think about it, if we can be convinced that a man can become a woman, or even bullied into adhering to the notion, what narrative from hell can our society rebuff.

Can we really convince the culture that believes in transgenderism that socialism is both morally wrong and disastrous? If the media can convince the culture at large that a man in a dress is actually a woman, what can’t that same media convince of a culture. They convinced a culture that COVID-19 was doomsday.

In Star Trek TNG, Captain Jean-Luc Picard is captured by the Cardassians in “Chain of Command.” During the torture, four lights are shined in his face. He is asked how many lights there are. He answers four. The Cardassians torture him in order to get him to declare that there are five lights instead of four. Picard is ultimately rescued just before he was about to give in to the lie.

Unfortunately, our society, most individuals, do not have near as much regard for absolute truth. Many will simply say there are five lights upon polite request. But the Cultural Marxists are not asking politely.

If we do not stand for absolute truth, the culture will be terraformed beyond our capabilities to engage the system.

The battle of within the Republican Party is whether to stand for absolute truth or be ten years behind the Democrat Party on every issue. Donald Trump certainly straddled the fence on this issue and attracted both sides to vote for him. But for Christians and conservatives, there is no choice. We must stand for absolute truth. Should the ten years behind faction become the base of the Republican Party, the party will cease to be an effective tool for Christians. It’s worth noting that just because Christians are not effectively using the Republican Party, does not mean it’s not a tool that can be wielded successfully.

Politically, Christians leaders have failed to exercise the leverage that we have over the Republican Party. However, the millions of Evangelicals who voted for Trump in 2016 but stayed home when left of center, pro-abortion, Republicans John McCain and Mitt Romney ran for President wielded their leverage considerably. The organizations need to catch up with the grassroots.

The Republican Party cannot win without Christians. Therefore Christians need to whip the Republican Party into being the party of absolute truth. In organizing politically, Christians need to leverage themselves as the critical voting block for Republicans. Existing Christian political organizations are failing in this regard, which is why we need to create new ones that give no legitimacy to the Democrats and are unafraid to sack Republicans.


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  1. Charlie Kirk was doing photo ops with a drag queen while doing a “Culture War” campus tour in 2019. During this tour his events were highly contentious because of the debate I write about. He planted himself firmly on the 10 years behind the Democrats camp attacking those who would want limitations on legal and illegal immigration as well as pro-marriage policies. In particular he trotted out Rob Smith, a homosexual neocon, to tell conservatives how to win the culture war and attacked those who saw a problem with this.

    1. In that article there are lots of quote’s from Smith (who may or may not have changed his political views at the time when Kirk shared a stage with him… The article only quotes his past views. You could do the same with Candace Owens!) but not a single quote from Charlie Kirk. It says they took turns “blasting” questioners but there’s no link to the Q+A and not a single quote.
      I agree, i wouldn’t want to be photographed next to a transgender… But if I was at a (non christian, not church) Event and one happened to be there and wanted a picture with me, i also wouldn’t refuse. Especially if they weren’t born again… especially if my stance that it’s a sin was clear. I’m sure I’ve been photographed with drug addicts and the sexually immoral many times. I hope no one would misconstrue a photo as my acceptance of those sins. All I’m saying is, i need a little more than this vague article to turn against Charlie. Finally – he’s not a church leader. While, in an ideal world, i want the political world to reflect Christian values, i don’t hold christian politicians up to the same scrutiny that I do church leaders. Maybe i should… but one thing that’s markedly different, transgenders can be conservative – they cannot be true Christians. So they can be at conservative parties, whether i love that or not. But i wouldn’t be happy to see one (not a seeker, claiming to be a Christian, just doing their thing, non repentant) at a church event.

    2. I deleted the original comment at the request of the reader who wanted to protect their SEO. They asked about Charlie Kirk and transgenderism.

  2. We need fewer new organizations and more people participating (and changing them from within) in the ones we already have.
    There is strength in numbers. And do you really want to participate in a group with very few people in it?

    BTW – the “organization” you are looking for is called a CHURCH!!!!!! The Black Robe Brigade. A full church led by a soundly Biblical pastor and elders can change their local community. Check out the number of votes in say your last school board election. 100 votes would have changed the winner. Even when you get up to the county level a couple of hundred active influencers would change the winner in most elections.

    PS – I haven’t read the post yet. Maybe you identified the needed organization as “The Church”. The good news is that Chrome 88 solved the RAM usage problem. Three days ago I started cleaning up my open tabs and I estimate at that point in time I had at least 2,500 open tabs. I’m almost done. Then I have about 300 that I want to do something with. I need to cure my FOMO aka Information Anxiety (read the book).

    1. I think the organizations exist and a new one does not necessarily have to be created. But the most prominent Christian ones are out of touch with the base and are not set up to be efficient (ie the ERLC). On an individual basis, Christians are quite capable of leveraging their votes, but we lack efficient recruitment of candidates. I agree with what you said about local efforts.

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