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Big Eva silent as immigration agenda they supported creates massive crisis

Big Eva spent a considerable amount of time soothing the conscience of Joe Biden voters prior to the election. The Gospel Coalition, the ERLC, John Piper, David Platt, JD Greear, and a host of others participated in a campaign to convince Christians that mean tweets are more important than actual policies. John Piper articulated that the character of a ruler could be more devastating than the policies themselves, despite the fact that Scripture demonstrates that the worst policies of an elect ruler are far more devastating than the wisest policies of a reprobate ruler. And that’s before we get into the debate on Trump’s character in which he is held to a higher standard than any presidential candidate in recent history.

I remember when people were upset after voting for President Obama that he pursued the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). He campaigned on it. While the Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden feign regret after Joe Biden has not intentions of protecting the moot Hyde Amendment, Big Eva is in full ostrich mode with the situation at the southern border. As someone who regularly checks the headlines over at The Gospel Coalition, Christianity Today, and other Big Eva outlets, the silence on the crisis at the southern border is deafening. It’s not that they are unaware what is going on. They simply do not care. These institutions may promote piety, but they will gladly report on the narrative of leftist media.

Big Eva peddled the “kids in cages” narrative was formulated as a PR campaign when there were 2,600 children in facilities. Currently the number is near 10,500 unaccompanied minors in US custody. Big Eva is silent. The conditions of said invaders is considerably worse than the peak of the Trump Administration as well. The United States is not equipped with the infrastructure to process the volume of invaders who enter the country illegally.

But there were considerable articles and podcast made about how one cannot be “Pro-Life” and support ripping children away from parents at the border, despite the obvious fact that children are generally not being ripped away from parents but human traffickers, an issue Big Eva supposedly cares about.

Migrant crises are nothing new in human history. The Roman Empire had no shortages of such. Julius Caesar deployed his legions to protect Rome’s border from a large civilian population settling in their territory. The Eastern Romans fought the Bulgars over the same fundamental issue of unregulated foreign migration. There is nothing new under the sun, and illegal immigration is no exception.

What is loving policy with immigration? Deterrence is an excellent start. Every nation should deter invasion as a matter of national security. The Biden Regency has instead incentivized illegal immigration through public messaging and public policy.

Illegal immigration is a tool to demographically terraform the United States, in theory to cultivate a reliable voting block for the Democrats. However there are a number of Republicans who are in favor of illegal immigration because corporations use illegal immigrants to artificially suppress wages of American workers. In addition to other factors such as crime, costs, and the injustice done to legal immigrants, rewarding illegal immigration is by no means loving the least of these, as open borders Evangelicals would suggest. Instead, it is in the interest of our society to repel invaders at the border instead of the catch and release America is subject to.

It’s not that Big Eva is too dumb to realize how illegal immigration harms our nation, it’s that they do not care. They care far more about being accepted by elites in other sectors of society. And being accepted by those elites means peddling their political narratives, which they do like clapping seals.


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  1. “They care far more about being accepted by elites in other sectors of society.” This is central to the apostate ecumenical drive that will even rationalize the antichrist. ‘Big Eva’ gives life to Christian propaganda and so many gravitate to it.
    Excellent points in this post. Press on brother

  2. Yeah, you nailed this one. They really like calling us ‘pro-birth’ and not pro-life, because we’re not socialists. Ugh…

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