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Woke granddaddy Michel Foucault apparently raped Tunisian boys

One of the facts the weak defenses of Woke Evangelicals in the church, like Tim Keller, is that they will claim to not be influenced by Karl Marx. This is simply a distraction because, they were influenced by people who were influenced by Karl Marx. Michel Foucault is undoubtedly influenced by Karl Marx and he is the most cited academic according to Google Scholar. Part of the success of Jordan Peterson has been pushing back against Foucault.

But connection to Karl Marx should not be the only warning against Michel Foucault’s ideology. Foucault was an open homosexual. Beyond that he was an advocate for pederasty. In 1977, Michel Foucault would sign and advocate a petition to lower the age of consent in France to 13. He would later die of HIV/AIDS in 1984 being one of the first major public figures to do so. It has long been suspected that Foucault was a pedophile/ pederast, as well as a disregard for human life when it came to passing on HIV to sexual partners. He’s quoted as saying “to die for the love of boys, what could be more beautiful. during his last days.

Recently one of his well-known colleagues Guy Sorman told the British newspaper, The Times that Michel Foucault raped boys in Tunisia (original article paywall, paywall free article). On it’s surface, this is the most believable decades old claim in recent memory. Given what is known about Foucault, these allegations are corroborated with his entire lifestyle.

Sorman goes on to claim that the French media was present during his tours in Tunisia and was aware but indifferent to the pedophilia.

Michel Foucault is a depraved mind, a living example of Romans 1. It’s safe to conclude that his teachings are inseparable from his eccentric degeneracy. Yet the amount of influence he has over the church cannot be underestimated given his profound influence over academia.


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  1. Socialism/Marxism isn’t about freeing the lower classes, but rather making everyone lower class and exercising even more (absolute) control over them buy a much smaller group of an upper class (central planners). That he was a rapist of the least powerful proves his motivation to dominate those less powerful, and the bigger the group of the less powerful the easier it is to maintain this, their preferred ‘power dynamic’. Not only him but history itself proves this point.

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