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Sam Jones details the need for public theology

Many of you have asked about teachers that I recommend, and quite honestly Big Eva is not full of them. However, that does not mean there aren’t prominent pastors online, allied to this grassroots movement. One such pastor I recommend is Sam Jones. Coincidentally, I was preparing to reach out to him for an interview, but when the opportunity was handed to me to talk about his book.

It’s not exactly a secret that America is dying on the inside. Sam Jones has written a book, 5 Steps To Kill A Nation which you can get here. In the interview, I take a more foundational approach rather than asking direct questions about his book. The first of such questions is what do politics have to do with the Great Commission? Sam believes that politics involves teaching the nations the commands of Christ which do include civil law as we take into account the whole of Scripture. This leads into a discussion on taxation, an area in which America is well surpassed the biblical threshold of judgement. Pointing out how unbiblical our tax code is can lead one to conclude that “taxation is theft.” But I ask whether he agrees with the mantra, and we discuss what biblical taxation could or would look like.

It is a grave trick that the slippery slope is often taught as a logical fallacy when the slippery slope articulates the consequences of taking a premise to its logical conclusion. I ask where does the slippery slope begin, where does it end, and where is America currently. Sam gives a rather foundational answer to this question, in that the slippery slope begins when a nation stops seeking God. And that is ends when the nation completely deconstructs God from their mentality. He states that America is near the bottom of the slope. I press to make this more tangible. The answer I got was unexpected. Sam states that the removal of God from the schools was the beginning of America’s slippery slope, and credits John Dewey, who I mistakenly conflate with Thomas Dewey, with this action.

The conversion touched on how America can be saved. This is a tough problem to apply tangible actions to solve. But it’s clear that the church needs to instill a biblical worldview in its congregants, and there needs to be an effective political voice for a biblical worldview. The American church is therefore likened to the German church, a church that was dead before Hitler, despite Germany being a cultural hub of Europe. America is certainly the cultural hub of the west, the inheritors of the Roman mantle. The slippery slope is fast approaching its bottom. There are really only two options. Either America will be destroyed by God. Or America will be pushed to the brink and repent so that the world will have no doubt that God will save America.


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  1. Any chance you can convert you videos into audio podcasts? I don’t do video.

    The reason I don’t do video is I don’t have unlimited data to play while out and about. And most videos stop playing when the screen goes off, so I can’t put my phone away and just listen.

    I’ve never figured out how people can watch videos all day long and get anything else done. Then again, I’m still wondering why you need thousands of hours of music on your iPod. Or for that matter, how people know the song title, artist, and all sorts of trivia about songs from the ’80s. I can barely remember the last song I listened to. And @#$!%#@ if you play a song in your podcast at least put the frickin’ name in the show notes or say when you stop playing the song. (I’m looking at you Tore, not you Ray. Just venting.)

    1. I figure I am in the minority of people who can watch stuff and get things done. I have a plan to convert the interviews and a few other videos to audio podcast form. I take a long time in researching solutions to things like this, but I have a plan in mind that I am working on implementing. I’ll have that announcement soon.

      1. Thanks.
        I’m getting close to a starting a blog. I haven’t decided n a platform so if I come across a blog, vlog, podcast plan, I will let you know.
        I one blog I follow here that might do that. I check more closely.
        While transcripts are a lot of work, they would be a bonus. I think Chrome has a live transcript feature recently announced. Or maybe it was a Zoom like product. Not sure if you can save to edit.
        Be sure to provide source links and bumper music song titles/artists.
        Now I’m thinking royalties and common usage rights and getting mentally blocked with legalities.

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