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Resurrection Sunday is what Christianity is all about

In this contentious time where even the most basic of Christian principles, doctrines, and practices, I find myself more motivated to celebrate Resurrection Sunday. Resurrection Sunday is what Christianity is all about. As Christians, we believe Jesus rose from the dead. This is an event to celebrate, to be excited about. On Good Friday, Jesus pays the penalty for our sins. On Resurrection Sunday, Jesus conquers death.

The Resurrection is the narrative climax of the entire Bible. All of Scripture prior to the Resurrection is building up to this event. All of Scripture after this is building upon this major event. The Resurrection of Jesus is the greatest story ever told. As followers of Jesus we should be excited about this.

The Gospel of John places the largest emphasis on Holy Week of the four gospels. After being told that the tomb is empty, Peter and John are racing to the empty tomb. When they arrive, they see the empty tomb, and somehow they only see an empty tomb. The reason why the tomb was empty had not dawned on them. In fact, they also see how neatly left the tomb is. The disciples saw an empty tomb but they did not see beyond that, the bigger picture. The reason why the tomb was empty was of far greater significance than anything that could have been inside the tomb.

Like the disciples we may not be seeing the greater picture of God’s faithfulness, love, and mercy. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the price Jesus paid, of the sin we committed. And so we cling to the cross for salvation. But we should also celebrate the Resurrection.

Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday. I hope you enjoy worship and time with family and fellow believers.


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