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Arkansas becomes first state to ban transgendering children

It was a victory for protecting children from being groomed into becoming transvestites that was not helped by the governor. Yesterday, the Arkansas state legislature swiftly voted to override Governor Asa Hutchinson’s veto on the SAFE Act, HB1570. It only takes a simple majority to override a veto in Arkansas and the legislature handily exceeded that threshold, allowing the SAFE Act to become law. The SAFE Act is the first law in the nation of its kind to ban doctors and medical professionals to transition minors who suffer from gender dysphoria (or have been convinced they do).

As stated in my initial analysis about HB1570:

The SAFE Act is a solid bill. My only criticism is that the bill is vague on the consequences for violating the law, unlike the Alabama version of the bill. Odds are high that Asa Hutchinson’s veto is overruled. Hutchinson is using a libertarian argument against the government interfering in medical decisions to justify his veto. This neglects the fact that medicine is a highly regulated environment. Moreover, transgenderism is not a medical condition, it is an ideology, one that preys on children. The libertarian Non-Aggression Pact (NAP) can easily be employed to argue in favor of the SAFE Act.

Indeed Asa Hutchinson’s veto was overruled. Governor Hutchinson would afterwards appear on Tucker Carlson and botch an interview.

In the ten minute interview, Asa Hutchinson comes out in favor of transgendering children stating that putting children on puberty blockers is beneficial care. He invoked his faith and then the libertarian argument he used after his veto. This logically fell apart when Asa Hutchinson was left with no standard from which to justify other laws and regulations that are directed at minors, especially on more trite matters like alcohol and even tattoos.

At the end of the day, Asa Hutchinson believes in transgenderism or wants to avoid the woke mob. Tucker Carlson asked whether he had spoken with any corporations about the bill, which Hutchinson denied. But if his goal was to avoid personal cancellation, he likely could stave that off for a short while. But the strategy of going on Tucker Carlson’s show after the legislature made him look like a chump was a bad one, put mildly.

Still, Arkansas is leading the way in protecting children from being groomed and exploited by a dangerous and sinful lifestyle. Hopefully more states will follow.

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  1. Just as Mao had to appeal to and then unleash the children to kick off the cultural revolution, so the American left is trying here. Want to rebel against your parents and have the full power of the state behind you (leaving your parents powerless to stop you)? Claim transgenderism. I have friends and family now are seeing this among their children’s friends. So sad to see the left destroy kids for their ends….

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