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Revoice Conference Exposed: perverting friendship, marriage, and promoting Queer Theory

It’s not exactly hidden that the Revoice Conference has been used to promote homosexuality within the church specifically the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA). While the ideas of this notorious conference seem fringe, they do represent heretical ideas that will become mainstream challenges in the years to come, if they are allowed to be. Just like how Critical Race Theory was an issue long before Resolution 9 in the Southern Baptist Convention, so too are the teachings at Revoice poised to divide the church at large. In truth much of this ideology is reminiscent of Sam Allberry’s teachings which differentiate between homosexuality and same-sex attraction. But the application of this premise has made for some alarming practices. In this video, I expose how Revoice is perverting both friendship and marriage as a means for “celibate gay Christians” to live. You will also notice the speakers promoting Queer Theory, a branch of Critical Theory.

The video follows to boys who can shave, Art Pereira and Nick Galluccio. Art is the director of youth ministry at Hope Presbyterian Church (PCA). Nick is the youth and young adult pastor at Stonecrest Community Church. Art identifies as a homosexual and claims to remain celibate. Nick identifies as heterosexual.

The video details their obsessive friendship, detailing how they met, became close, and eventually started living together. Art explains how he came out as gay and how Nick supported him through that. Art expressed how at times they had to deal with Art developing romantic feelings for Nick.

Art’s intentions for the relationship are for him to be a permanent fixture in Nick’s life. This not only includes living together as they currently do, but eventually when Nick gets married, to still live with Nick and his hypothetical wife then. Obviously, no woman in their right mind will want to sign up for that package deal and compete with a prospective mate’s best friend for the entirety of their marriage.

The friendship does not allow for Nick to find a wife and start a family. Art’s actions encourage him to not seek real repentance for sinful desires. Multiple times he expresses preventing himself from going down a “shame spiral” for experiencing homosexual attraction by accepting it.

Even worse, Art and Nick detail how they communicate the needs of their relationship, at several times employing “love languages.” Art even talks about how he goes to his pastor and his wife for relationship counseling. Essentially, Art and Nick have a backdoor homosexual marriage without sex. Furthermore, this friendship is a real idol in their lives.

Where Critical Theory really shines is when Art and Nick explain that Nick, being straight, can never achieve “ally” status because he can never escape his oppressor status as a straight white male. It’s worth repeating that Art has no intentions of ever not being a homosexual.

We are not meant to live with our friends all of our lives. Ideally as we come into adulthood we should be wanting to start a family. However, this Revoice video titled “Better Together” shows effeminates men substituting marital relationships with women with a nonsexual relationship with each other, believing it to be sustainable for the rest of their lives. They are also pastoring youth while living in this lifestyle.

There are a lot more videos of Revoice subverting biblical sexuality but specifically here, they are trying to subvert friendship and marriage as paths for homosexuals to not repent.


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  1. This is one of the most asinine things I’ve heard of. Really. We’ve all had friends, speaking from a man’s perspective, or ourselves experienced this. When a guy falls in love with a girl that just wants to be friends. We have all learned these are very unhealthy relationships and have to be ended. Nick HAS to cut Art off because Art will just live the rest of his life hoping Nick will finally fall in love with him. Of course Art has a broken heart and is just pretending he’s okay with this so he can be close to Nick.

    Didn’t we all learn this when we were young? Someone needs to step in so these two guys can grow up.

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