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March 2021 EDW Report

Every month, I like to provide an update on the progress being made and upcoming events. I usually do not wait until the ninth day of the month to do so but I did not want to focus on myself around Easter, and this got superseded by other content and articles.

March was a fantastic month, featuring the highest traffic since November. Much of the traffic came by promoting the work of others. Sometime the material with the most buildup gets outperformed by that which took far less effort to produce. In this case the Paint The Wall Black review was promoted by the producers of the documentary like Jon Harris. Jon Harris made mention in a video that their YouTube link was being shadowbanned by Facebook and that an article about the documentary that they shared gained a lot more traction on Facebook. I understand that the article he was referring to was written by me, especially as it is linked on his church’s page about the movie. I am happy to have contributed to more people watching the documentary on Nini’s Deli. At the end of the month the article on Faustian Bargain captured an unexpectedly high amount of search traffic, and the book is currently the number one best selling non-fiction in the country.

March definitely had a more political focus. I wrote multiple articles examining the need for Christian political organizations to put actual Christians in public office, as opposed to becoming think tanks or glorified blogs. Another highlight was Beth Moore‘s exit from the Southern Baptist Convention after her ministry had experienced “go woke go broke” amounts of pressure the last few years. Otherwise, transgenderism proved to be the major issue in March and so far in April as states in legislative sessions take action on the issue.

Quick Stats


One of the biggest highlights of the month was the YouTube channel. With over 500 hours watched, March proved to be the best month yet. And it came from long form videos about Beth Moore and Craig Groeschel, as well as the Nini’s Deli doc review performed well on YouTube. I aslo did a stream on March 31 with Sam Jones. The only thing planned coming up is a review on God’s Not Dead which will be released when convenient. Otherwise, April will consist of uncompromised Christian commentary on issues going on.


Craig Groeschel was updated to include my reporting on his wokeness, in the beginning of the month. However, no new verdicts were produced in March, nor were any other existing verdicts updated. Hopefully this will not be the current status in May.

Site Changes

Towards the end of march a created a new contact page which is distinct from the submit a tip form. I felt prompted to do so when asked to do an interview for a podcast, so I decided to add some professionalism around here.

Along those lines, I have major site changes planned, that will hopefully not interfere with any reader experiences. More on this to come.

No Retreat,



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  1. Great to hear Ray. This is one of the first things I read in the morning, and the only place I make comments. These are the most pressing issues in the American church as I see it. And if it gets too much to always have to see my comments on almost every article, just let me know and I’ll tone it down. Thanks.

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