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Here are the COVID vaccine side effects reported to VAERS

The CDC established the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) for harmful side effects of vaccines to be reported. The COVID-19 vaccine, being rolled out for emergency purposes, has not been fully tested as other vaccines would. Therefore, we are learning in real time what the potential side effects are through the reporting of adverse events. However, in general, adverse events are underreported, with one study claiming that fewer than 1% of adverse events with vaccines are reported. The CDC notes that minor events are the account for the vast majority of underreporting. However, reports are gathered voluntarily by doctors, patients, and even family members. Considering that the vaccine is being administered by mass distribution centers, if there is an adverse event days after the vaccination, then it would likely fall on the patient and their family to self-report, unless it was severe enough to see a doctor. But even then there is no guarantee of a report being completed.

With all of this being said, the vast majority of adverse events are symptoms of a cold or flu, the symptoms people are seeking to avoid through a vaccine. Another disclaimer is that the data is categorized by symptom, meaning that the events are not mutually exclusive, and one report can contain multiple events. Here are the highlights from the COVID-19 vaccine:


1858 deaths have been reported. Broken down, this is 825 for Pfizer, 981 for ModeRNA, and 42 for Johnson & Johnson. This leaves a discrepancy of 10 deaths which may be explained by the abandoned vaccine or an incomplete report.


In total, 69 miscarriages have been reported under the label “Abortion Spontaneous.” Broken down, this is 47 for Pfizer, 20 for ModeRNA, and 2 for J&J. It’s worth noting that the current guidelines for pregnant and nursing women is that the vaccine should not be withheld.

Other Serious Events

Blood clots, officially known as thrombosis, were the cause of the J&J vaccine being revoked by the FDA. As noted in previous coverage:

Currently the total is 111 reported cases of thrombosis in America with the vaccine, per VAERS data. It’s becomes reasonable to speculate that blood clots are not the real reason that the FDA has turned on this particular vaccine. 64 cases have been reported in association with the Pfizer vaccine and 41 cases have been reported with ModeRNA, though these cases on average seem more severe than that of Pfizer.

For heart attacks (myocardial infarction) 136 events have been reported: 74 for Pfizer, 54 for ModeRNA, and 8 for J&J.

129 events of Bell’s Palsy have been reported: 72 for Pfizer, 51 for ModeRNA, and 6 for J&J. Bell’s Palsy was one of the first serious side effects to be associated with these vaccines.

On A Lighter Note

11 cases of erectile dysfunction have been reported and 7 of these events were from Pfizer the producer of Viagra. 8 events of hangovers were reported.


It should not be concluded that every event was caused by the vaccine, just as it should not be concluded that every listed COVID death was from COVID-19. Obviously, there are risks with this vaccine. Those risks should be balanced with one’s risk of dying from coronavirus.

If you want to download the data to check for yourself, click below. If you would rather download the data from VAERS for yourself, the video gives a walkthrough on how to do that.

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