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Jerry Falwell Jr.

Liberty University sues Jerry Falwell Jr.

There are no shortages of high profile lawsuits within Evangelicalism. Currently, Paige Patterson is still involved in a lawsuit. Then we have the NAMB and the ERLC teamed up in a lawsuit. Thom Rainer and Lifeway settled a high profile lawsuit. Indeed there is no shortage of litigiousness in Evangelicalism. Adding to that is Liberty University suing former frontman, Jerry Falwell Jr. for damages caused by his cuckholding scandal.

Jerry Falwell Jr. arranged a golden parachute arrangement during contract negotiations, and Liberty University is suing on the basis that these negotiations were done under false pretense as he deliberately withheld his personal immorality that was damaging to the university’s reputation. According to the Associated Press who broke this story, Jerry Falwell Jr. is accused of violating his fiduciary duty to the university by not disclosing an extortion attempt by the infamous pool boy. Jerry Falwell Jr. threw his wife under the bus for this sexual immorality in the past.

The lawsuit alleges three counts: breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and statutory conspiracy.

On the second count, the lawsuit says it seeks damages in excess of $10 million. On the conspiracy charge, it seeks $10 million in compensatory damages and argues that sum should be tripled, as allowed by state law under limited circumstances, plus $350,000 in punitive damages. Liberty is also seeking other costs and fees.


It’s hard to say where I stand on the issue. While I maintain the position that Jerry Falwell Jr is a clown who squandered his position, I cannot say I have any confidence in the direction of Liberty University going forward. I have zero confidence in the replacement because he apologized for a snowball fight. When addressing Bobby Lopez’s arguments about Liberty’s downgrade, I ultimately believe he is right even if the evidence he presence fails to prove it in the particular instance he is talking about. So I doubt there is really a hero in this fight. The litigious nature of the Evangelical establishment is also a concern, as one cannot help but wonder if that is not in line with Matthew 18.

Ultimately, Liberty University is keeping the Jerry Falwell Jr nonsense alive by dragging it out in a court where it will remain for perhaps years, instead of moving on.

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4 Responses

  1. I’m glad they are suing Falwell, Jr. He needs to be help accountable. His actions show he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing, so it is not a case of brother suing brother. He is a despicable man and needs to be punished for his actions and lies.

    1. Completely fair. I have no argument with that logic.

      I’m just not sure how much precedent there is for a college/corporation suing a former leader after a moral scandal that brought disgrace. The pool boy rumors have been around for years. This is somewhat Liberty’s fault for not doing their own due diligence during contract negotiations.

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