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David French: Qanon is more prevalent in church that Critical Race Theory

One of the most prominent accusers of the Body of Christ in America is David French. There are few who claim the mantle of Christ who vehemently hate actual Christians quite so much as David French. David French was a prominent “Bush Conservative” who was quickly revealed to be not an actual conservative once Trump won in 2016. The relic from a dead era of neoconservatism has taken on a new task with Trump out of office and that task is attacking the church.

Unsurprisingly, David French is also theologically liberal. In January, I had written this about French:

David French is where we see a more Christianized example of a NeverTrumper than the overtly left-of-center McCain/Kasich staffer that was Weaver. David French consistently articulates that Christians who support Trump are compromising the gospel to “Christian Nationalism.” But David French already is vocal in his support of those who seek to undermine the gospel. Just in 2021, David French has promoted the words of numerous woke Evangelicals, including but not limited to: Beth Moore, Russell Moore, Phil Vischer, Jemar Tisby, and Anthony Bradley. He made a point early on in 2020 to endorse a woke podcast. It is not hard to conclude that someone who makes a habit out of promoting false teachers is projecting his own compromised Christianity onto others. David French is a hypocrite, and that’s why you get arguments out of him like “drag queen story hour is the price of freedom.

David French has embraced Critical Race Theory. So when he denounces Christian concern about wokeness, he is really defending his own credibility.

After declaring that Critical Race Theory is a bogeyman, David French suggests that the real issues are Qanon and anti-vaxxers. Was Qanon a real issue in the church? Perhaps. French would cite a study that said that 27% of Evangelicals believed in a “core elements” of Qanon. I found the AEI survey that French refers to. It makes no mention of Qanon. It seems to be reference to this held belief:

“Donald Trump has been secretly fighting a group of child sex traffickers that include prominent Democrats and Hollywood elites” (29 percent vs. 19 percent, respectively).

This is an element of Qanon, but has little to do with Q. Qanon was alleged to be a backdoor channel in which Trump or a high level official was leaking information and events to the public. There was a website where cryptic messages would be posted called “drops”. The Trump administration had a greater priority on human trafficking and recovering missing children, and prominent Democrats and Hollywood elites include some pedophiles. Again, putting these two facts and romanticizing Trump’s effort to fight sex trafficking does not require one to believe in Qanon. Since Qanon was always a scam, who is to say that the scammer chased views people believed and not the other way around. Nor did this poll ask about Q.

Moreover, Q is dead because like a Hal Lindsey dooms day prediction, it never came true. And hopefully people feel foolish and have learned a hard lesson. What need is there for the church to address Qanon now?

As for anti-vaxxers, vaccination is a personal medical decision. It is not within the ecclesiastical authority of the church to condemn these individuals, as they are not in sin for their convictions. This is especially true for the COVID-19 vaccine, which David French refers two in his exchange with Allie Beth Stucky.

Furthermore, there is no real prominence of Qanon in the church. There may be laity that believe it but prominent pastors, seminary professors, aren’t championing a blog claiming to have inside knowledge on the Trump administration. Twitter is not real life. However, there are no shortages of seminary presidents embracing Critical Race Theory. There are no shortages of pastors doing likewise. David French is sounding like Matt Chandler in defending this ideology.

Lastly the degree in which believing in Qanon was sinful is wholly dependent on one’s devotion to it. In other words, idolatry. Critical Race Theory, in contrast, is inherently attached to a false gospel. This again signifies which issue actually needs to be addressed. Once again, David “Vichy” French is wrong.


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  1. No such thing as “Qanon”, but don’t let facts get in the way.
    There is ” Q”, a source for information and musings. (There is probably a better word for that.)
    “Anon” simply refers to where that was originally posted.
    Calling something “Qanon” is as ignorant as saying McCarthyism means “the HOUSE Committee on in American activity.” SENATOR McCarthy was RIGHT. There were and ARE communists and other traitors in the government and throughout the American economy and education system.
    And the ENTIRE “church” is corrupt and compromised.

  2. First. Q proved itself false. There are handful of people who have been stuck at home too long who have nothing better to do. Second. I’m young, healthy, have had covid, and the males in my family have issues with strokes (blood clots). I, AND MY DOCTOR have decided I have no need to be vaccinated. The risks outweigh the rewards. We make our health decisions. Not Fauci and especially not CEOs and researchers who have become billionaires and millionaires, respectively, on vaccines still in the middle stages of testing. NO ONE, not one person, knows the long term effects on humans. The animals that know the long term effects of rna vaccines? Well, look that up yourselves! Do your own research. What are the credentials of people raising doubts vs those who say that’s conspiracy and everyone should be vaccinated. It’s not Q or Trumpsters like the evening news and blue check Twitter chumps say.

    If you’ve been vaccinated or plan to stop reading, PLEASE.

    To culture the cell lines (there are multiple) the fetuses had to be harvested alive. You can’t culture dead cells. The fetus (we know what they really are) is removed via c section still in the placenta. Then the cells are removed in a sterile environment. The baby is still alive mind you. So what if the cells have been filtered out. I WILL NOT ask for better health on the backs of dead babies. Again, don’t take my word, look it up yourselves. Don’t forget to check how many babies are harvested for researching the vaccines. Who do you think buys all those babies from planned parenthood?

    And the last food for thought? Why is vaccine hesitancy highest amount Healthcare workers? Those on the front lines and at greatest risk. Maybe it has something to do with their knowledge of the subject? Or are they just right-wing racist Qtard Christians like those on the left love to say?

    And that’s how I feel about that.

  3. Excellent. Thank you. The lies of French and other liberal Christians are so demonic and twisted so as even to confuse the elect. Your summation was so good and I loved the part where you said it is not sinful to refuse to take the vaccination. Yes and amen.

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