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George Floyd death certificate

Two very bad but very possible outcomes of the Derek Chauvin Trial

With the Derek Chauvin Trial now in deliberation, the whole nation awaits a verdict. This is perhaps the highest profile murder trial in the United States since OJ Simpson. Derek Chauvin is being tried on a spectrum of homicide charges in relation to George Floyd’s death. George Floyd became a martyr for the woke Social Justice religion after his death in police custody. The nation erupted assuming that racism was the cause of Floyd’s death, without substantiation. Ever since more evidence has been made public making the verdict very unpredictable.

Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer accused of killing George Floyd in 2020 is facing three separate charges: second degree murder, third degree murder, and second degree manslaughter. Amidst the chaos of twelve people deciding a man’s fate are two very bad possibilities.

The first possibility is that the jury will be intimated by the mob. This is reinforced by the recent comments of Rep. Maxine Waters as well as recent rioting in the area. This was the initial fear, and many of the potential jurors expressed concern over their own safety for participating in this trail. Typically, mob intimidation works against a conviction, like with the mafia. But in this case it works in favor of the harshest conviction.

The second very bad possibility is that there is a social justice jury. This is a jury that is so tainted that they would disregard a lack of evidence and convict anyway. This could lead to a hung jury which is when the jury does not reach a verdict. The precedent for this is the Freddie Gray Trial in Baltimore, Maryland. Freddie Gray died in police custody and the first police officer brought before a jury resulted in a mistrial because the jury was hung. Along the spectrum of charges there were holdout on both ends that resulted in a mistrial. The lowest charge of reckless endangerment was based on the officer not putting a seatbelt on Freddie Gray when being placed in a paddy wagon. The Freddie Gray jury was a tainted jury, and every other officer afterwards chose a bench trial and was acquitted if tried.

This outcome is very likely as George Floyd’s death is even more notorious than Freddie Gray’s death. The likelihood of a tainted jury remains high. And while, I would note, the process has been as fair given the circumstances, a good effort is far from a fair outcome and an untainted jury.

It is very likely on these three charges there is a holdout on each charge and the jury is hung. Moreover, it will be interesting how much Judge Cahill will push the jury to come to a verdict should they be deadlocked before declaring a mistrial. If the trial ends in a mistrial, the prosecution may retry.

In any case riots will ensue.


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  1. There’s a very good reason democrats (and some republicans) always call America a democracy. They want us to be a pure democracy, mob rule. No one has any rights but what the mob assigns them, and chaos ensues. Once our constitutional rights have been thrown to the wayside, and the justice system just appeases the mob (the Supreme Court has already bowed once to the mob), well our dear leaders will step in and quell us all. Including the mob!

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