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Jesus and American Populism

I have a great respect for Andrew Torba as he is someone who acts on their own conviction with seemingly no concessions. He built the Gab platform despite Big Tech obstacles and has since been encouraging Christians to build their own economy and also advocate a peaceful partition of the United States. His recent article “Jesus Saves: American Populism” addresses the need for a populist movement around Jesus Christ.

If the American Populism movement is to be successful we need to operate a spiritually centralized, but materially decentralized movement. For peaceful secession to happen, which I believe is inevitable, we can’t have a centralized figurehead or group for the Globalist American Empire to isolate, target, and destroy.

This must be a materially decentralized movement that is centralized and unified only around Jesus Christ. Christ is the only way. Let the Enemy try and attack Jesus and Christianity, which will only galvanize our base and wake more Christians up to what is going on. If they have no central person or group to attack, they must attack us all collectively or even worse: attack Jesus Christ Himself.

A lot of what he is advocates politically is what I advocate at Evangelical Dark Web. I support the decentralization of influence because too many Evangelicals are Protestant Papists. They have erected their own popes to lord over their faith.

The primary reason that MAGA failed is because MAGA had a centralized attack vector: Donald Trump.

This is Andrew Torba’s money line. Andrew Torba argues that Donald Trump was the sole target of vitriol and being human was not able to live up to the expectations of the movement. Andrew Torba thinks a decentralized movement centered around Jesus Christ is the only way to succeed.

I would argue that Donald Trump did not know how to govern. This is evident in his staffing decisions. This is evident when he handed the country over to Anthony Fauci. It’s a frustration both Andrew Torba and I share.

If American Populism is going to be successful at accomplishing anything it must be a Christian movement. Not the “woke” false gospel Christianity, but rather an unapologetically Biblical Christianity. That is the only way forward because it always has been and always will be.

Torba goes to great length to promote Biblical Christianity in this article. The biggest disagreement that I have with Andrew Torba is that I believe he overestimates the number of Christians in the United States. If we account for 10% I consider us lucky.

But in the history of any nation, the vocal minority prevails, whether it be the Founding Fathers or the communists of today.

Unfortunately for American Populism the horrible swamp creatures in President Trump’s orbit have transformed him from leader of the movement into defeated and isolated fundraising machine for the GOP establishment who pushes the covid vaccine on behalf of Big Pharma. Those in the movement who are honest with themselves can see this plainly.

I say this as someone who voted twice for President Trump and spent five years of my life doing everything in my power and ability to support the America First agenda. What I have written will anger a lot of Trump supporters, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not the truth.

I get the feeling that Andrew Torba believes he fought harder for Trump than Trump. This would bolster why a decentralized movement is vital, especially as it would strip away influence from Fox News among other thought gatekeepers.

First and foremost get right with God yourself as an individual. Repent. Call on Christ. Believe. Read God’s Word. Get yourself in a good church. If you’re in a woke church, take it back for Christ and if it can’t be taken back then leave, find, or start a new church.

When the father of a family becomes a Christian there is a 93% chance that the rest of the family will follow. Men: rise up and be the man God is calling you to be. Your family and our future depends on it.

Andrew Torba’s solutions are biblically foundational without being trite. His emphasis on fathers rising to their calling as spiritual heads of their households with the expectation that this is how God works regeneration through the generations of Christians goes well beyond the corny recitations of 2 Chronicles 7:14. Men must be spiritual leaders, and from their the spiritual remnant can be God’s instrument to revive a nation.

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