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Top 5 reasons why Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner is a terrible candidate for governor

America went from a reality TV star in the White House to a a man riddled with dementia wearing masks to a virtual meeting. But if national politics is not enough of an embarrassment, the California recall effort may soon be the latest subversion of a meaningful political effort. The campaign to recall Gavin Newsom has been a long effort that finally collected enough signatures to move forward. Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner has thrown his hat into the ring. Here are the top five reasons, in no particular order why he is a waste of an opportunity.

Evangelicals won’t vote for him

It’s no secret that in order to oust Gavin Newsom, a Democrat Governor of California, every Republican will have to turn out. Evangelicals represent a large swath of the Republican voting base. For the Republicans to nominate a transvestite, this would hemorrhage a key base for their vote. Politically this is the equivalent of tripping over dollars to save nickels.

Many Evangelicals found Trump’s character to be untenable in 2016, outside of the crowd of virtue signalers that had no qualms about the previous GOP Presidential nominees. These Republicans, including myself, faded Trump in 2016 due to character and policy concerns. Bruce Jenner invites more of these results, considering his character is vastly more flawed than that of Donald Trump’s. Not only is he an active transvestite, but there is also the manslaughter he committed free of consequence. I do not imaging the John MacArthur crowd in Sun Valley turning out for Bruce Jenner, and it give woke Evangelicals all the in roads to depress Evangelical turn out. Without Evangelicals, Bruce Jenner can’t win.

He would kill Republican Black outreach

To some success, Donald Trump made gains among Black men that was previously thought impossible. A transvestite candidate in California would kill those efforts within the state and nation at large. During the Democrat Primary, Pete Buttigieg was disproportionately unpopular among Black Democrats, and I think it’s rather obvious why. Pete Buttigieg is a woke white creation.

Hispanics won’t turn out for him

Again this is similar reasons to the other two. It’s worth noting that Hispanics respect a certain bravado from politicians. Hence, this was one of the reasons, Donald Trump found success among Hispanics, despite or with a tough immigration rhetoric. Bruce Jenner is a male former athlete dressing a woman, a complete deconstruction of masculinity. This would diminish Republican gains among this demographic.

He’s not actually conservative

While the other reasons focus on his ability to turn out necessary votes, this reason focuses on his ideology. In Hollywood, conservative has a different meaning than in real life. Other Hollywood “conservatives” include Matthew McConaughey and Clint Eastwood. McConaughey is considering running for governor of Texas, but he is left of center but not a cultist. Clint Eastwood, as you may recall, was at the Republican National Convention in 2012 where he gave a most cringeworthy performance. He would later endorse Michael Bloomberg in 2020, perhaps the most overtly pro-CCP candidate. There is a certain out of touch nature among Hollywood Republicans. Californians learned this lesson with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who governed like a soft Democrat. Being Conservative is more than opposing high top marginal tax rates.

Moreover, what are we trying to conserve? The answer to this question alone disqualifies Jenner from serious consideration.

Opportunity Cost

There are far better options out there. The best option is to make the primary about Gavin Newsom with a candidate that runs a limited issue campaign without making it about themselves. Bruce Jenner is incapable of this. But there are competent conservatives in California, and they are revving their own campaign engines. Bruce Jenner is a sure way gift Gavin Newsom a massive political victory.

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