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Glenn Youngkin

Glenn Youngkin Exposed | DarkLinks 43

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There are no shortages of frauds in the Republican Party. There are not many states with a party so dedicated to self-sabotage than the Republican Party of Virginia. This is a Republican Party that solidified the state turning blue in 2013 by undermining a viable candidate. They have since put up non-viable candidates that led to the infanticide loving Klansman, Ralph Northam. Glenn Youngkin represents the VAGOP’s latest attempt to implode.

Woke Capital? GOP Candidate, Ex-CEO Once Urged Employees To Donate To The SPLC

By Emily Jashinsky @ The Federalist

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin is caught up in an interesting squabble over a memo he signed last May, urging his employees at the Carlyle Group to donate to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a viciously anti-conservative nonprofit. Youngkin is running against a handful of candidates in a Republican primary set for May 8.

Woke Christianity flows into GOP politics

Capstone Report

Youngkin attends what can only be called a Woke church. Holy Trinity Church describes itself as “an independent non-denominational church rooted in the teachings and traditions of the Church of England.”

Youngkin’s church like so many other evangelical churches dedicated itself to racial reconciliation or racial unity. This fad reflects the culture’s obsession with racial identity politics. It is how typically conservative churches are pulled into the milieu of Social Justice. Dr. Voddie Baucham described this as a new Fault Line (the title of his newest book) within Christianity.

In reaction to the racial turmoil of 2020, Holy Trinity Church through its Vestry released a statement, “the HTC Vestry’s Statement on Racial Unity.” Glenn Youngkin signed the statement that was published on October 13, 2020, according to the site data and revised December 8, 2020. The statement declares racism in all its forms to be sin and provides biblical reasoning for it. It also created a committee to lead a focus on Racial Unity.

According to the report, “The Racial Unity Committee will become a Vestry-level committee and will provide advice and counsel to HTC leadership on issues of racial unity. We have asked Derek and the other church leaders, working with the Vestry and the Racial Unity Committee, to develop a comprehensive ministry approach to racial unity.As a congregation-wide action, the Racial Unity Committee encouraged the HTC family to read Be the Bridge: Pursuing God’s Heart for Racial Reconciliation, by Latasha Morrison. We ask each of you to commit your heart, join a small group, and read and study Be the Bridge with others, and join the Vestry as we all learn together.”

Capstone Report goes into further detail about the Ethnic Gnosticism his Youngkin’s faith using subject matter expert, Voddie Baucham’s book.

Glenn Youngkin: An SJW in Maga Clothing

Jon Harris Conversations That Matter

In this video, Jon Harris gives an in depth overview of Glenn Youngkin and his apparent Social Justioce beliefs. He goes through the corporate documents, Youngkin’s apostate church, and other fake conservative credentials.


Nominating woke Republicans is hardly a distinction from nominating a Democrat. In the end you have the same worldview driving the person, only the Republican is in the slow lane, driving the speed limit. The Republican Party has a chance to take Virginia back, capitalizing on a wave election in an odd year. But Glenn Youngkin will surely sabotage this opportunity, but should he happen to win the general election, conservatives will hate his governance nonetheless.

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