Mark Driscoll’s church leadership hypocrisy

Mark Driscoll is perhaps most famous for his falling out from Mars Hill Church for a number of different reasons relating to his conduct and ego. Shortly after, Mark Driscoll has founded The Trinity Church and has been rehabilitating his brand within Big Eva. After being ousted by his elders, Driscoll founded a church where he is the leadership.

Warren Throckmorton released the org chart for The Trinity Church that was leaked to him from a former employee. The org chart is alarming to say the least.

Mark Driscoll and his wife Grace sit at the top, both recognized as pastors. In addition to the declared egalitarianism, Mark Driscoll’s church has no elders. The unbiblical ecclesiology of a megachurch is hardly surprising. Mars Hill Church would collapse almost overnight because its ecclesiology, despite having elders was centered on Mark Driscoll. The Trinity Church appears to have no elders that can hold Driscoll accountable.

The significance of this story is not that a megachurch pastor has poor ecclesiology. The significance is that Mark Driscoll is a hypocrite. Warren Throckmorton noted before dropping the org chart that Mark Driscoll has written extensively on his support of elder led churches. Evangelical Dark Web noted back in November that Mark Driscoll gave an interview lamenting how much of the church’s response to coronavirus was weak in part because churches are not elder led.

Many Christians in discernment rightfully call Mark Driscoll into question. He is a hypocrite who feigns his belief in biblical eldership, and perhaps a great many other things.

A call to action

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