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Artur Pawlowski jailed. More Canadian churches forced underground.

The persecution of the church has revamped in the west, most notoriously in Canada. These nations watch as places like Florida in the United States and Belarus in Europe are wide open and are not smoldering piles of ash. At no point were the lockdowns about public health. They were always about public policy. And anyone blind to that fact a year later is too stupid to vote. Full stop.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski has been a notorious hero of the faith in Canada defying the lockdowns. He has gone viral for kicking Canadian Gestapo out of his church. He repeated it again when they returned with papers. But instead of accepting defeat, the Canadian government has upped the ante by deploying Canadian SWAT teams to arrest Pastor Pawlowski after church. Both he and his brother were arrested in Calgary. Artur Pawlowski was a notorious pastor who defied lockdowns. But there are several more instances of churches forced to operate underground because of the hostile Canadian government.

GraceLife Church now operated underground following Pastor James Coates spending 35 days in jail for a non-jailable offense. But there are credible testimonies of several more churches operating underground in in Canada.

Meanwhile most of Big Eva has turned a blind eye to this situation and they would not do so if this were happening in Iran or China. Ironically, men like Ray Orton will denounce the Bible belt, but without the Bible Belt, America would be no better off than Canada.


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