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Russell Moore ERLC

Russell Moore leaves ERLC for Christianity Today

One of the most notorious liberals in the Southern Baptist Convention is Russell Moore. As head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Russell Moore has pushed for open borders policies and little else of substance. During a year of unprecedented tyranny, Russell Moore held the cloak of the government as they shut down churches. Southern Baptists give the ERLC approximately $3 million a year so that Russell Moore can manage a glorified blog.

It’s no secret that the Southern Baptist Cooperative Program is losing money because churches do not want to have their money given to the ERLC. In June, the Southern Baptist Convention heads into a highly contested annual meeting to decide that will determine the trajectory. Russell Moore’s departure from the ERLC comes at an opportune time.

On Tuesday, Russell Moore announced that he would be joining Christianity Today to helm their Public Theology Project. Christianity Today put out a statement calling the Russell Moore a great fit for their organization. Christianity Today is a notoriously apostate publication.


Russell Moore’s departure from the ERLC takes certain issues off of the table at SBC2021. However, the grassroots have already mobilized. The reservation of hotels, plane tickets, and messenger selection have already been undergone by most churches. So this move is a victory going into a potential Conservative Resurgence 2.0.

Moreover, this move should rightly be seen as Russell Moore announcing he is a progressive “Christian.” Christianity Today is rife with Critical Race Theory, egalitarianism, and promoting their version of the Equality Act. A Christian has no business working with Christianity Today, and Russell Moore’s hiring makes that all the more clear. It’s likely he will just be doing more of the same, similar to Ed Stetzer’s blog at the apostate publication. The difference is likely in the paycheck.

As for the useless ERLC, it will be of interest who they put in charge. My value bet would be Joe Carter.


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