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The Branch Covidian Cult has folded

Many small cults reach a breaking point. The leadership structure is unstable. There are expectations that must be met. The overpromising must eventually lead to an underwhelming delivery, for their religion is false. However we’ve seen numerous times where cults persisted beyond one or two failed deliveries. The Millerites are a popular example in American history.

The Branch Covidian cult is a doomsday religion centered around a manmade virus that’s creation was funded by the papal figures of said virus. Overnight, this religion became the largest religious group in the United States and western culture. It had papal authorities with Anthony Fauci, in the United States. It has a creation account with wet markets. It has soteriology with the masks and eventually the vaccine. This works based salvation is messaged as saving lives. It has evangelism through virtue signaling social media posts, synchronized corporate messaging, and persecution of other religions.

For fourteen months, this cult reigned over our lives. After satiating the political ambitions of many of its proponents, it became clear that the government neglected an exit strategy to cash out. It was anticipated that the vaccine would be the endgame. However, the government provided no confidence in the vaccine by proclaiming that the vaccinated still had to mask, social distance, and live like infected. The government realized to late that they provided no political incentive for vaccination, only religious incentive and some health incentive. And so vaccine passports fell apart.

With vaccine passports becoming a partisan issue, it became a losing issue for the Branch Covidians. Too late, the Branch Covidians tried to tie masks mandates to vaccination thresholds. But without vaccine passports, this plan falls apart. In Maryland, Governor Larry Hogan changed from ending the mask mandate when Maryland reached 70% vaccination threshold to ending it overnight. The CDC’s political maneuvering revealed the sham that the CDC has (always) been. Under the Biden Regency, we see the CDC take orders from the top, like they should. And it’s a shame that President Trump never controlled the CDC to end the lockdowns and masks.

It’s cannot be forgotten that the church, institutionally, forwent the saving gospel for the false gospel of the Branch Covidians. The church lacked the discernment to see the spirit of the age at play. And now, many of these Branch Covidians in our pulpits will want to pretend, like the Israelites who worshipped Baal prior to Mount Carmel, that they did not forsake the one true God. Do not let them. Do not trust them unless they have repented.

Moreover, voices that rightly discerned the times should be rewarded. On March 16th 2020, I had written this:

On the surface, the threat is already minimal. What started out a mystery wrapped in big government China soon garnered the media attention to cause worldwide panic. Some of you in pure game theory fashion stocked up on goods accordingly. But the virus is here and thus far the results are underwhelming. While Italy is a hotspot in the west, the country is a lesson on the failures of socialized medicine in confronting pandemics. In America, nearly half the deaths came from a single nursing home in Washington. But it’s hardly been a significant outbreak otherwise, just one that’s gotten attention. Interestingly enough, for a virus, small children seem disproportionately better off compared to the Swine Flu epidemic in 2009. The death have almost all come from older individuals with underlying health issues.

As every state except West Virginia is reporting cases, the virus is everywhere and it is likely everyone will come into contact with it prior to any vaccination. I have possibly been exposed at least three times, not including the times my wife has been exposed. So the Wuhan Corona Virus is coming for and there’s little stopping this modern day plague.

This crisis was too good to let go to waste. Already those who carry on business as usual to support their families or local businesses are being told that they hate old people, while the government usurps authority prohibited by the First Amendment. To me, there’s far greater reason to fear the precedent we are setting as it relates to national emergencies, and far more reason to acknowledge the evil mob mentality of fellow man.

Everything I published on the day that would be the start of 15 days to flatten the curve turned out to be true. Controversially, you could argue that I overestimated the ability of this corona virus to spread. Alternatively, the virus was in America long before I wrote these words, making our entire efforts a costly vanity.

The need for discernment is ever present in our society and in our churches especially. Discernment is a qualification for being a pastor. Yet to many failed to discern the spirit of the age and acted accordingly and now want to pretend like they did not disobey Scripture. I want none of it. These pastors need to repent. The Branch Covidians need to repent and accept the gospel or else receive the wrath of God they surely deserve for inflicting suffering on their neighbors.


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  1. A disease no one wants to find a treatment for.
    Is it just me, it is that odd?

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