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Christian Post pushes fake narrative about Critical Race Theory

Of all the mainstream Christian publications, Christian Post is probably the best. In fact, they are so above the caliber of The Gospel Coalition and Christianity Today that their comment section is far less orthodox than their actual content. It’s an endless struggle to tackle every Christianity Today article that peddles the Social Justice Gospel, when Christian Post is pushing a narrative that Critical Race Theory is a ransom to pay in order to keep Black pastors in a denomination, this narrative should be called out and debunked.

Christian Post reporter Leonardo Blair wrote an article titled, “SBC church membership suffers new historic 1-year decline of more than 400K” covering the Annual Church Profile published by the Southern Baptist Convention. This news article begins by painting a picture that COVID prevented the church from being effective. When it came to membership and baptisms the Southern Baptist Convention suffered an Oscars ratings-like drop. Despite 588 church plants (unsure whether this includes megachurch franchises) the Southern Baptist Convention netted an increase of only 62 churches. This factors into a 435,632 membership drop in 2020.

It’s clear that the church did not do its job in 2020. The church is without excuse for letting lockdowns interfere with the prime directive that is the Great Commission. After letting Lifeway blame COVID, Blair shifts to writing about how challenges to Critical Race Theory are fueling this decline.

Some black leaders left the denomination with their large churches last year over a statement by the Council of Seminary Presidents denouncing critical race theory and intersectionality.

The SBC defines critical race theory in Resolution 9 as a set of analytical tools that explain how race has and continues to function in society. Intersectionality is the study of how different personal characteristics overlap and inform one’s experience.

This is where the fake news comes in, because this is editorializing to add context. However this is selective and lazy reporting. Certain high profile churches, like Progressive Church, left the Southern Baptist Convention, but the vast majority of the exodus is by smaller orthodox congregations. They are leaving because the Southern Baptist Convention is going woke, tolerating Jezebels like Beth Moore, and the vast amount of corruption within the Cooperative Program. In the video I show out how Leonardo Blair, a few years back, covered a church leaving for these reasons.

Has he forgotten his own reporting? Or is he trying to peddle a narrative?

There is now an impasse over the issue that could likely contribute to more black pastors and their congregations cutting ties with the SBC if Resolution 9, which holds that critical race theory can “aid in evaluating a variety of human experiences,” is rescinded at the SBC’s annual meeting this summer.

Other high-profile leaders such as prominent Bible teacher and Living Proof Ministries leader Beth Moore also announced her exit from the denomination this year, saying she does not “identify with some of the things” in SBC heritage which she claims “haven’t remained in the past.”

In simping for heretics like Beth Moore, Blair concludes that rescinding Resolution 9 will drive black churches out of the SBC. He is selling a narrative of fear. He is saying in order to keep these pastors, we must pay the ransom of putting up with heretical ideologies. And the fear is that White Evangelicals will be called racist.

As Christians we should not care about offending man nearly as much as we should care not to offend a holy and righteous God. Drive would-be heretics from the church by denouncing Critical Race Theory. They will call you racist anyway.


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  1. I’m not SBC at all. I’m non-denomination. But I do comment from time to time on the SBC blog. In my opinion, I have concluded that the SBC has forgotten JESUS, while at the same time concentrating on…The Great Commission. They forgot what Jesus SAID, in regards to how to treat people, i.e., treat others as to how you want to be treated, to love your neighbor as yourself, which fulfils the law of Moses.

    The SBC has become like the Pharisees of Jesus’ day, when their “traditions” got in the way of worshiping God. Their “traditions” were too important. And they lost focus on God.

    Enter stage right, the false allegations of racism, circa 2009, and continuing. False allegations of racism become believable by the SBC, and instead of debunking the false allegations, the SBC embraces it as truth.

    But for the sake of argument, let’s pretend it’s true. Instead of looking to Jesus’ mantra of Love Your Neighbor As Yourself, they look to SECULAR teachings of CRT.

    Yesterday, I read an article that I found to be very accurate to what I believe, and have tried to convey to the SBC in shorter terms, i.e. MELTING POT mindset, which I was taught in school. It’s an interesting read, authored by the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

  2. The destruction caused by CRT is blamed on its opponents’ racism. Just as Moa blamed capitalist roaders for the destruction of the great leap forward and cultural revolution. More black pastors are against CRT than for it, just as the majority of blacks are for voting ID requirements (especially in GA). The left is exceptionally good at propaganda.

    1. The Moa comparison especially shines when Blair was the Christian Post writer that covered a church leaving because of CRT.

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