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Ellen Page’s fake abs. Stunning and Brave!

The deceit of the propaganda zeitgeist has never been greater than on the issue of transgenderism. I’ve often said that the goal of feminism is to make both women and men into second rate men. This ambition is why feminism promotes transgenderism. Oscar winning actress, Ellen Page has gone along with the social contagion of transgenderism by undergoing a double mastectomy while claiming to be male. Earlier this week, the media went on a massive propaganda campaign to celebrate her “manly” body. It’s worth noting that Ellen Page is 5′ 1″ tall, but slay king.

Comedian, Josh Denny, had the best response to this propaganda.

[Editor’s Note: I understand the concern over showing an image that contains female nipples. However this is not pornographic. This is being used to critique the celebration of self mutilation.]

There’s a lot wrong with this picture. Aside from the obvious breast removal scars, the fake ab implants are being being touted as part of a great body. And yes, those abs are totally fake.

Ellen Page is being celebrated as a good looking male at 5 foot and 1 inch, looking like Pete Davidson with his tattoos removed. (Pete Davidson is an unfunny comedian being forced on society.)

But just because Ellen Page put swim trunks on does not mean that she knows what it is like to be a man. Masculinity is far more than having a (obviously fake) six pack. It’s about laboring and accountability. It’s about husbandry and fatherhood. It’s about being an active member in a church and society. Ellen Page does not know these things, and likely never will.

Transgenderism fetishizes the superficial aspects of gender such as looks and speech. That’s why transvestite men look like chauvinistic caricatures of women. It’s not as easy the other way around because being half a foot below the average male height puts a female transvestite at a disadvantage. It therefore fails to understand the true nature of masculinity and femininity, because it’s really aiming for androgyny and effeminacy. These are abhorrent to God.

Instead of being nicer than God about it, we are tasked with being ambassadors of God which entails combating this evil ideology in this world.


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  1. NSFW! Blur those nips!

    On Thu, May 27, 2021, 6:00 AM Evangelical Dark Web wrote:

    > Ray Fava posted: ” The deceit of the > propaganda zeitgeist has never been greater than on the issue of > transgenderism. I’ve often said that the goal of feminism is to make both > women and men into second rate men. This ambition is why femini” >

  2. I disagree with the “goal” you mentioned. All of these actions have produced a different goal. Transgenderism is supposed to be a victimhood that creates unhappiness and suicide. They are believed to be persecuted because they are victims of something they can’t control. Yet the push for “acceptance” and mutilating bodies permanently has increased the suicide rate 19%. Feminism also has created a horde of unhappy women and a rise in suicide. Male-bashing has created a rise in suicide. Cop-bashing has created a rise in suicide, along with a lack of law and order. Yet criminals are released at unparalleled rates, creating more crime and (the ultimate goal) death. Abortion? Drugging up the masses? A pandemic where the cure is worse than the disease (which is totally treatable)? Death is the goal. Marxism is completely demonic.

  3. Your dicks are all just grown clits so maybe just let people do what makes them happy? Are you upset you can’t have an ellen page crush anymore? Also your site comment formatting is bad and you should feel bad.

  4. Definitely fake and overboard…blame the plastic surgeon for not suggestion a smaller size…blame (Elliot) for being too lazy to work for it too LOL

  5. which god are we talking about again, oh right your one true god, except everybody says that, maybe you should just mind your own fucking business, worry about all the priests and pastors raping little kids, to my knowledge Ellen page has never done that, but you guys thrive on it.

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