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Tim Keller

Tim Keller goes full Bethel, calls God’s grace “reckless”

Arguably the worst contemporary Christian worship song to come out in the last ten years, or so, is “Reckless Love” by Bethel Redding. This song asserts that recklessness is an attribute of God and God’s love. However, words have meaning. Reckless generally denotes a lack of caution for the consequences of one’s actions. Therefore, it is highly inaccurate, and insulting, to suggest that our sovereign God is reckless. But reckless love is so last decade. What about reckless grace?

Tim Keller had the audacity to refer to God’s grace as reckless. Tim Keller is the leader of The Gospel Coalition and it’s multitude of wolves. Tim Keller has been a Marxist for decades, but is most famous for trying to adapt the gospel to New York City living.

The attributes of God’s grace naturally invite a soteriological debate. Certainly if one finds themselves in the reformed camp, they will view God’s grace as intensely personal that God chose them to be among His elect. But calling God’s grace reckless is a pitiful attempt at crafting a sequel is an abominable worship song.

But let’s take Tim Keller’s tweet at its word. If God’s grace is reckless, this denotes a lack of sovereignty with regards to God’s grace. Without God’s sovereignty, how can God have foreknew those whom he predestined to be saved? The answer is He can’t. Keller reinvents how salvation works in a way that’s much more left to chance than the Bible prescribes.


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  1. Reckless is a disregard for consequences. Grace is the opposite of that. But it sounds really cool in a song or tweet! Nah, it’s actually pretty stupid and shows a reckless use of words common in today’s climate.

  2. I don’t understand how this guy is so popular. Even among discerning people. I just don’t get it. It’s like when people still quote CS Lewis like he was so awesome. Have people even read what Lewis believed? Stop being lemmings and blindly following “popular” people to sound cool.

  3. I could never sing that song without replacing “reckless” love with Perfect Love for our God and Father’s Love is Pure, Holy, and Perfect, “O give thanks to the Lord for his steadfast Love endures forever!”

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