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Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis delivers another knockout blow to NCAA

The NCAA is the governing corporation for collegiate sports in the United States, and they’ve taken an aggressive posture in promoting men in women’s sports. Several Republican governors have taken up challenging that posture Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Montana, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Idaho have all passed laws. Idaho’s law heads to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Kicking off “Pride Month,” Ron DeSantis signed his state’s version of the bill in to law.

What’s interesting to note is that Ron DeSantis used his bully pulpit to force the Republican legislature to pass this bill. This is the bill that Kristi Noem vetoed earlier this year. Evangelical Dark Web wrote at the time:

Kristy Noem is right about building a coalition of states, but she has the backwards approach to doing it. The order of operations is to first pass the law and then band together. Instead, Kristi Noem is undermining the legislative efforts in several state to challenge the NCAA by giving Republican legislatures an excuse to betray their base. Had Kristi Noem signed the law, more states would soon follow, similar to how abortion bills in 2019 created an arms race among states to challenge Roe v Wade. Kristi Noem is undermining this arms race. And if another state signs a law to combat transgenderism in women’s sports, South Dakota will not actually be by their side.

What was written back in March has come into fruition. States are forming a compact on this issue to take on the NCAA and South Dakota is not part of it. Florida which probably the most significant state on the east coast when in comes to college sports delivered a knockout punch to the NCAA, just as the corporation was beginning to break on the issue. After posturing that there would be consequences for states passing legislation to prohibit men in women’s sports, the NCAA announced that Alabama, Arkansas, and Tennessee would host regional softball tournaments, because these states have SEC schools.

The uber-woke NCAA can be taken on with a reasonable chance of success. And if the NCAA can be taken on, why not Big Tech?


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