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May 2021 EDW Report

In April’s EDW Report, I expressed disappointment with the outcomes, despite doing some excellent reporting. In May, I believe we are back on the right track, striking an excellent balance ranging from niche Southern Baptist articles to general reporting on celebrity pastors. A major observation is that daily article traffic was responsible for the bulk of the monthly increase in web metrics. I was beginning to wonder if I should prioritize longer projects instead, but May proved that I can do both. Recording videos helps both the channel growth and my own writing process.

It was a super busy month with multiple hospital trips. I want to thank all of you for your prayers and encouragement. This upcoming Wednesday will, supposedly, be the procedure to end all procedures. Prayers requested.

Quick Stats


May was also a better month for videos as well. The channel continues to grow and I am figuring out what content works better for video and what content should stay in writing. In May, I was able to do my most successful stream yet in an interview with Dominion Dating, exploring modern Christian dating solutions for modern Christian dating problems. It was looking like an author was going to come on a stream to discuss his book, but communication ceased when I said I wanted to ask my own questions as opposed PR questions. No streams are planned, but I want to hop back on the wagon because there are interviews I want to do and brains I want to pick.

Last month I said I wanted to do a review series on The Chosen. I’ve not gotten around to starting or planning it. The next Christian Film Review will be on Greater. I want to do a video on David Platt, but otherwise nothing else is planned.


Discernment is the bread and butter of this operation. Two months ago, I said we would be back to writing more verdicts in May. I am happy to announce that this is the case. In May, we completed the long-awaited Levi Lusko verdict. It took watching twenty, give or take, sermons and doing a deep dive on his background that is not widely available. Evangelical Dark Web aims to put the best research together on suspected individuals.

With that said, there is no plan to let up. On the contrary, the next one is already started, and I hope to have complete by mid June. Francis Chan has set the record for number of requests. As a man of the people, I am happy to oblige the clear consensus of my audience.

After I finish Francis Chan, I’ll want to circle back and republish some old verdicts that were never converted into articles. I’ll also want to expose false teachers associated with false teachings on homosexuality, in honor of their pride month. Hopefully there will be a consensus to chose the next reader verdict when that is done. I do not want to let up on the gas with this.

Site Changes

I’ve been talking about site changes for months. And it is becoming an increasingly urgent matter. June is the month to get it done. More updates to follow.

No Retreat,



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