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Dwight McKissic will leave SBC if they denounce CRT. Send him packing!

One of the most notorious egalitarians and woke pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention is Dwight McKissic. Dwight McKissic is an ally of Beth Moore and a contributor at the liberal SBC Voices. He became a famous Social Justice Warrior on the internet who has questioned the boundaries of what Southern Baptist are willing to tolerate, much like Steven Furtick and Rick Warren though in different ways. McKissic is a blatant theological liberal and it’s about time he would be honest about it.

Dwight McKissic wrote an article threatening to leave the Southern Baptist Convention with the puffing up his own influence, in the process.

Honestly, it takes great audacity, given the SBC’s history, to take such a bold step, to denounce the entirety of CRT—particularly with the National African American Fellowship of the SBC unanimously opposed to denouncing CRT in its entirety. I am often asked how many Black churches may leave the SBC if Resolution 9 is rescinded. I honestly have no idea, and no desire to influence any to leave, which is one major reason why I am not going to attend the Nashville meeting. I do not want to be accused of leading churches away from the SBC. But what I do know is—as for me and my house—if the major thesis and thrust of Resolution 9, passed by a majority in Birmingham 2019, is gutted or rescinded—we will exclusively align with the National Baptist Convention and the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

This would not be the first time we see a mass exodus of heretics from the SBC. The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, a competing denomination, left and formed over egalitarianism and other fallout from the Conservative Resurgence. They have now welcomed their first transvestite pastor.

It is most advantageous for the church if these heretics stop feigning orthodoxy. They are gearing up to leave, so let’s help them out.

I’ve had my skepticism over Mike Stone’s ability to lead the SBC; however, it cannot be understated that if he wins the message it will send will cause many woke pastors to leave, and that can be said more about Stone than Randy Adams.

We should not be afraid of the optics of people like Dwight McKissic leaving. Better yet, we need to do a better job of rooting people like him out of the church and his heterodoxy with him.


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