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Ed Litton

Ed Litton’s church faith statement had to be scrubbed of heresy

The newly elected President of the Southern Baptist Convention underwent scrutiny after winning the office as people researched who he was and where he came from. Ed Litton hails from Redemption Church in Mobile, Alabama. There faith statement failed a standard website test on the grounds of a heresy related to the trinity. The screenshot below immortalizes it.


The error is subtle and found in the word “parts.” The doctrine of the Holy Trinity has ecumenically been recognized each person of the Trinity to be fully God. For example, Jesus is both fully God and fully man. He is not incomplete in the fullness of God as the statement suggests. This is a heresy of antiquity called partialism.

After attention was called to this heresy, Redemption Church scrubbed it from their website. The current faith statement reads:

God is One, the Creator and Ruler of the universe. He has eternally existed in three persons: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

It’s easy to see that this heresy is likely more an error in oversight than the beliefs of Ed Litton and his congregation. Yet, the question of how a seminary trained experienced pastor could not have corrected this in the past is demonstrable of a loose regard for theology.


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  1. Me, personally, I think that the doctrine of the trinity is heresy. You all listen to the Catholics way too much.

    I have all sorts of proof texts, but I’ll leave it at the following:

    Father = SPIRIT
    Son = BODY
    Holy Spirit = MIND OF CHRIST (JESUS/GOD)


    You are created in the image/likeness of God, and YOU are spirit first and foremost, clothed in a body, and you have a mind.

    Jesus is the BODY of God. God is a spirit who resides IN “The Body of Christ”.

    But, you see, the Catholics are way too concentrated on the EARTHLY words of Father, Son, Holy Spirit, that they think that all 3 of those are 3 different PEOPLE, hence, their word “persons”.

    But I posit that it’s ONE PERSON, not 3, hence ONE GOD, not 3 people playing the role of one God.

    Oh, by the way, the Catholics believe that priests can forgive the sins of an individual. Do you believe that?

    If so, why? If not, then that would beg the question, why believe anything that the Catholics teach?

    Could it be that you would still be Catholic had the Catholic Church had “reformed” itself?

    So here we have Catholics, and the REFORMATION, and both got it wrong, which is why I don’t identify myself as Protestant. I’m just a lowly NON-DENOMINATION, who does not agree with ANYONE’s “statement of faith”.

    My statement of faith comes from my own understanding, not someone else’s.

    If you’ve seen Jesus, you’ve seen the Father. It’s not allegory.

    Ed Chapman

    1. There has always been, and there is still a great deal of truth in Rome. The Reformation was a reformation, not a restoration. The invisible Church has always existed even within Rome.

      To disagree with Rome simply for the sake of being anti-papist is moronic bigotry.

      Rome also teaches the virgin birth and the resurrection of our Lord. Should we reject these beliefs simply because Rome teaches them?

      I’d urge you to exercise humility when you approach the doctrine of the Trinity. The nature of God is not a subject to be trifled with. I urge you to repent, you are in serious error.

      1. I study TOPICS, and thus far, I haven’t seen much GOOD come from the Catholics.

        Peter was NOT the first pope, for example. And if that is their beginning, it begins with a lie.

        Peter was an apostle to the Jews, not the Gentiles. Galatians tells us that. Even his own epistles, if one were to actually read them, you will see that he is talking to Jewish believers, not Gentiles.

        I could care less if they teach the virgin birth and resurrection. The Jehovah’s Witnesses do too, as well as Mormons, as well as the 7th Day Adventists.

        Do you believe that priests can forgive sins? I don’t know any protestant that does. If you read about the trans…whatever that word is, in which we call communion, if you read the COMPLETE story, there is no such thing as communion. It’s a chicken dinner at church (a church banquet).

        Birth control, using Onan as the biblical example? Hardly. Fish on Friday? Literally hating the Jews for killing Jesus?

        All ya gotta do to avoid purgatory is to pay a monetary fee?

        Do protestants even believe in a purgatory?

        I would say that Christianity existed outside of Catholicism. But to claim that they are the AUTHORITY on Bible matters…uh, no. They got a TON wrong.

        Look at the Protestants. They finally came to their senses of DEFECTING. Bu tthey still carry Catholic baggage, which is error.

        Ed Chapman

      2. Jordan,

        Why do we need Rome to inform us of the virgin birth and resurrection of our Lord? It’s written in the bible. We don’t need Rome. Rome wanted power over peasants, and didn’t want anyone to read it for themselves, because they wanted the peasants to be dependent on Rome. And what is this INVISIBLE church that you speak of? Each Christian is a stone in the building. Jesus is the cornerstone, the apostles, the remaining foundation.

        Peter’s declaration that Jesus is the Christ is the ROCK. Peter is not the rock.

        I could go on and on.

        Ed Chapman

        Ed Chapman

  2. Come on Ray. That’s ridiculous to call that heresy. You’re better than that. Are you the “accuser” now?

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