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Bethany Christian Services vs Catholic Social Services: A Clear Contrast

Earlier this week the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia that the government could not refuse working with Catholic Social Services over their refusal to place children under the care of homosexual couples (the way that they had refused). So basically, this was the Jack Phillips case all over again, whereby the Supreme Court rules favorably but on a technicality. This is why is was a unanimous decision, but with multiple concurring opinions.

Justice Alito wrote in a concurrence:

“Not only is the Court’s decision unlikely to resolve the present dispute, it provides no guidance regarding similar controversies in other jurisdictions.”

So this is not a long lasting ruling, and it will similarly lead to a Jack Phillips situation where he will face repeated targeted and frivolous lawsuits. However, the point that needs to be made is that Catholic Social Services of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia at least took up the fight.

Contrast that with Bethany Christian Services. When pressured on the same issue, instead of turning to an organization like Alliance Defending Freedom, the organization Phillips turned to, they swiftly succumbed under pressure. Though Bethany Services lost in court, they decided to cave rather than scale down their operations to maintain their Christian witness. Instead, Bethany Services acted like partaking in homosexual couples adopting children is Christian ministry.

There is a clear contrast between those with real resolve to stand by their convictions and those who do not. Bethany did not cave because the government told them too. I would argue that they did not cave. This was their chance to cease the facade of their corporate beliefs. An organization that has adopted Critical Theory does not have the standard by which to refuse to embracing homosexuality. A lot of Evangelical organizations maintain the smokescreen of Biblical sexuality that they do not in their hearts hold on to but they know they will lose credibility if they announce their true beliefs. Bethany Services is a clear instance of an organization believing they can split the baby by using laws and courts as cover.

But Catholic Social Services blows their narrative out of the water. And even though they only won by a technicality, they are willing to take on the fight.


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  1. Thank you Ray for your insightful analysis and commentary. I wish we would see more like this from ERLC and others. Blessing to you Brother.

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