Ray joins Doctrine Forensics to discuss transgenderism

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I had the opportunity to joins the brothers in Christ over at Doctrine Forensics to discuss transgenderism. The impetus for this was my video/article on Blues Clues grooming children to embrace homosexuality and transgenderism. The discussion largely focuses on protecting our children from this ideology.

One of the key takeaways early on is about how the homosexuality/transgenderism movement cannot procreate. So they must recruit new disciples. This is a movement that has secured most of the major institutions: medicine, public education, and increasingly politics. So now they are wantonly targeting children.

The panel at Doctrine Forensics believes that we should not expose out children to TV shows that advance this ideology. A major solution proposed to this problem is that as Christians, we take more seriously the discipleship of our children, teaching them in the ways of the Lord. Sean of Doctrine Forensics argues that the church would be better off in the culture right now if we safeguarded our own children and gained no other ground outside of our own families. This speaks to how unprepared the church is, and how vital it is for the church to take this issue more seriously. Transgenderism is the new bulimia and anorexia of the younger generation, having morphed from its previous understanding of autogynephilia.

Doctrine Forensics is rather optimistic that we can employ a cultural Fabian Strategy of denying the corporations subsidizing this their money, voting with out wallet. I tout passed legislative successes of Arkansas. I also remind the audience that this issue is not about women’s sports, it’s about the principle of the matter.

Doctrine Forensics is a ministry trying to cultivate a biblical worldview, and it was a pleasure to join a few like minded Christians to discuss a vital issue that the church is facing.

A call to action

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