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SF Gay Chorus

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus sings of grooming children

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus went viral earlier this year for a cultish song thanking Anthony Fauci for the vaccine. Apparently they have outdone themselves with a song about grooming children. In a video titled “A Message From the Gay Community Performed by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus” they sing about “coming for your children” and “converting” them and eventually converting you.

It’s important to note that this song was likely supposed to be passed off as a joke. The joke is that they are making fun of people’s fears of grooming children despite the ample evidence of the homosexual and transgender movement doing so. The problem is the joke isn’t funny. It’s well made, but it isn’t funny. Imagine if the Democrats made a song about coming for your guns to mock the fears of gunowners even though multiple democrats have been vocal about gun confiscation. Satire is supposed to use absurdity to point out absurdity, but this song uses absurdity to normalize absurdity.

Though the song speaks of coming for your children, it does not necessarily say that they intend to make them homosexuals or transvestites. Simply indoctrinating them to be allies is sufficient.

Moreover, the Queer Theory in this song is unconcealable in the lyrics of the song. Queer Theory is the sibling of Critical Race Theory, but instead of examining race through a Marxist framework it examines sexuality.

The story of this video intensified when on July 7th, the video was made private on YouTube. The video was initially published on July 1st. The removal of the song shows that the backlash was strong enough to send them retreating, which is all the more reason to expose their desires.


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  1. If you haven’t read “The Marketing of Evil” you should at least find a good review of it.

  2. Yes, I agree with bluecat, all should read the Marketing of Evil.
    This demented song should now be Boy Scout theme song- they went bankrupt after homosexuals won the right to lead and sexually abuse scouts.
    Shame, shame! – oh I forgot, that word no longer exists.

  3. Hello Ray, Thank you for your work. I just found you online while studying CRT this summer. Your work is powerful and I appreciate you! May God continue to work through you. God bless you. Be well!

  4. I personally encountered more incidents of combative and aggressive behavior from groups of homosexuals, and from sympathizing female heterosexuals, while out and about in daily life this past June’s pride month, as I did last year.
    Next June, I’m going to pray and fast during pride month as a non-violent means of pushing back, but at 63, I’m not going to be sniped at and then bullied either by these militants with a chip on their shoulder like a telephone pole.
    There’s an old saying that goes like this “when a camel puts its nose in the tent, it will soon be in your lap”.

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