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SF Gay Chorus

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus takes on Evangelical Dark Web

On Friday, Evangelical Dark Web continued it’s coverage of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus on Friday making note of diddler infested group’s vow to scrub their own video from the internet. On Saturday night, SFGMC manually filed a DMCA takedown request to YouTube on Evangelical Dark Web’s initial video responding to their viral video.

It’s important to note that Evangelical Dark Web did a standard reaction video, as opposed to a reupload of their privatized video. This video was the second most watch video of all time on the channel. YouTube did not flag the video for copyright as they normally would. SFGMC had their social media team file the claim, and YouTube complied. The result was a hard strike against the channel.

The theme of Evangelical Dark Web for 2021 is No Retreat. In keeping with the theme, we filed a counter-notification to YouTube to restore our popular video that exposes that wickedness of SFGMC. The counter notification reads:

The following video, “San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Cringe” was wrongfully applied a copyright strike when the video clearly falls under fair use, as it is a standard reaction video. The video begins with an introduction to the channel, an introduction to the topic which is the claimant’s video. A portion of the claimant’s video is then played to show the viewer what I am reacting to. The rest of the video is commenting on the claimant’s work. This falls under fair use because the video is transformative in nature, as it is responding to, critiquing an, and journalistically covering the story of and behind the claimant’s video. No more of claimant’s video is shown than necessary. Enough of claimant’s video is shown so that the viewer can hear their lyrics in context, and so that channel’s commentary may be more precise. Up to 25% of claimant’s video is obstructed from view as well. Significant portions of claimant’s video are left out. This channel’s video does not complete with the claimant’s original work as channel’s video is in reaction to and in reporting on claimant’s work. Channel’s video in coverage of claimant’s work is a standard reaction video reporting on a story of interest to audience and subscribers. Claimant does not have the right to suppress reporting on their content that they do not approve of, in violation of fair use doctrine. Therefore, channel insists that claimant retract their copyright claim. Channel is willing to testify in federal court under threat of perjury that channel’s video was consistent with fair use doctrine

The ball is in SFGMC’s court. They have 10 business days to file an injunction to have the video removed in federal court and show YouTube proof of court filings. Failure on their part to do so will result in the video being reinstated.

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus picked a fight they legally cannot win as a means to suppress exposer that Evangelical Dark Web and others provided on their work and personnel. Evangelical Dark Web is not intimidated by their attempt to suppress Christian content, and will not retreat from this fight.


10 Responses

  1. I didn’t see your reaction video, as I’m not really interested in said topic, but I do watch a lot of Reaction video’s on YouTube. The Reaction video’s I watch are from today’s generation reacting to rock and roll video’s of the 70’s and 80’s, in which most have never seen, nor heard of before. It’s quite fun to watch, because they really love those video’s after all.

    However, in order to get around copy right stuff, they have to frequently pause the video, then they discuss part of the song, then they can resume the song. This way, the song is all chopped up, and is useless regarding copy right.

    By the way, Queen at Live Aid is an extremely popular video for Reaction, in which most play all the way thru Queen’s performance, without any copyright issues. I mention this because Freddy Mercury was gay, but his music was genious. I do pray for his soul to this day. And that is an honest sentence.

    Who else was gay in the entertainment industry that struggled? Little Richard. He was a Christian that was gay. I know, you will probably say it’s impossible to be gay and a Christian. He repented time and time again, wishing it would just disappear. He did put his hope in Jesus.

    Just because someone becomes a Christian, that does not mean that one stops struggling with sin. Addiction is the devils stronghold on a person.

    Another struggling gay dude, George Michael.

    These people, I pray for, even if they are dead, even if it’s too late.

    Now, this chior, if they are flagrant, thinking that this is OK, it’s not OK. It’s not acceptable. And they need to acknowledge the sin. That’s the first step before repenting. If they refuse to repent…there is no hope for them at all, and they are planting EVIL seed into the minds of children.

    If you’ve never listened to Paul Harvey, listen to this very prophetic word…from a 1965 broadcast, titled, “If I were the Devil”:

    Ed Chapman

    1. I called it a reaction video out of the splitscreen format, not style or substance. This format I’ve used a bunch like for videos on sermons of speeches. In this case it was clearly reporting on a story they want suppressed.

  2. There’s a ton of vids on tick tock (sic) of young kids thinking they’re gay, trans, or some other insanity. 99% are doing it because they think it’s cool and get noticed. They have no idea the ramifications. Beautiful young girls and boys cutting off parts because they mimic what they see. If I could have talked a counselor into getting me the surgery that would make me Tony Hawk I would have. Who really wouldn’t.

    Very proud of you for pushing back and not backing down. Hopefully it gets some notice. We can be successful pushing back on this, just as parents are gaining success against CRT. We’ll done

      1. Roger that. I am in full support of holding their feet to the fire ????. They’ll need to get used to it, if they’re don’t repent and turn from their evil ways.

  3. They’re banking on you standing down, like most others would do, because they know the odds are usually in their favor. I love it when aberrant behavior is called out and pushed back against. You may or may not die on this hill. But stand up to these gays, Mr. Fava. Too many Ed Chapmans, and milquetoast evangelical mamby pambys soyboys out there. Look what happened in the country of Georgia to the Pride folks. In Hoc Signo Vinces!

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