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SF Gay Chorus

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus: Full List of Possible Sex Offenders

Last week the viral video created by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus that boasted of coming for your children was taken down from YouTube. The organization likely did this in part because a number of their personnel were found to be on the sex offender registry, as uncovered by 4 Chan sleuths. This then has fueled SFGMC’s jihad to censor commentary exposing their deeds from the internet, including the Evangelical Dark Web.

But the last time I had checked the 4 Chan sleuth’s had left the work incomplete, as there are scores of names. I had since taken upon myself to search every name in their roster and then analyze the matched names and aliases. In short there were about 34 matched names with varying degrees of likelihood.

Roster NameName in Sex Offender RegistryMatch Based OnLikelihood
David Shawn WallaceDavid Eugene WallaceFace RecognitionHigh
Earl FriedbergLawrence Earl FriedbergAliasHigh
Jim GrahamJames Minor GrahamNameHigh
Steven HarveySteven E HarveyNameHigh
Dave AndradeDavid AndradeAliasHigh
J.R. ParishJeffrey Reed ParishAliasHigh
Robbie FrederickRobert Jeffrey FrederickAliasHigh
Keith PepperKeith Aaron PepperNameHigh
David A DiazOswald Asis DiazAliasProbable
Robert OliverRobert Alexander OliverNameProbable
Daniel MendozaMultiple MatchesNameProbable
Dan SantosDaniel Santos JrAliasProbable
Alvaro VargasAlvaro Vargas CamachoAliasProbable
J David WeakeMultiple MatchesNameUnknown
David WatsonDavid Leroy WatsonNameUnknown
Dennis ChaseDennis L ChaissonsAliasUnknown
Dave GeorgeMultiple MatchesNameUnknown
Charlie A SmithMultiple MatchesNameUnknown
Chris SmithMultiple MatchesNameUnknown
Tim TaylorMultiple MatchesNameUnknown
Daniel SantanaDaniel Hernandez SantanaNameUnknown
Malcolm JonesMultiple MatchesNameUnknown
Rob MitchellRobert Otis MitchellAliasUnknown
Raymond Mark GonzalesMultiple MatchesNameWeak
Tim JacksonMultiple MatchesNameWeak
Scott WalkerStan Walker GregoryAliasWeak
J .T. WilliamsJames Thomas WilliamsAliasWeak
Jonathan JonesJonathan JonesNameWeak
Jeff FordGregory Lynn WadeAliasWeak
Eddie VegaEduardo Jesse Vega JrAliasWeak
Carl HarrisMultiple MatchesNameWeak
Clint JohnsonClint JohnsonNameWeak
Michael TateMichael TateNameWeak
Randy WhiteRandy WhiteNameWeak

Judgement calls were made based on the strength of the match and other demographic traits. People who had very Anglo-Saxon names and were Black Americans were often rated as weak in their probability of being a match ie Tim Jackson.

This includes the member on the Board of Directors, Keith Pepper who 4 Chan uncovered. This article does not suggest that all 34 names are direct matches, but the true number is most definitely more than a few.


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