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Docent Research Group Gets Exposed

The anticipated report on Docent Research Group by Protestia arrived on Monday and did not disappoint. Docent has been rather secretive about its staff, but JD Hall and a number of other researchers managed to expose a number of them as well as reveal damning information about their top executives. Part One titled, DOCENT GROUP: THE LEFTIST TAKEOVER OF AMERICA’S PULPIT, dives into the personnel of Docent Research Group as well as some of their clients and major connections. JD Hall explains that a common theme among the personnel is a close connection to either The Gospel Coalition or JD Greear.

A number of Docent staffers (former and or current) are mentioned, about twelve in total. The biggest highlights are Brad Vermurlen, a Gospel Coalition writer who supports Critical Race Theory and is a sociologist. Then there’s Caleb Murphee, a flaming homosexual Methodist who is involved in writing sermons for Evangelical churches. Ashley Gorman stands out as a Summit Church attendee and volunteer who was exposed for writing pro-abortion articles she wants scrubbed from the internet. Grayson Pope was writing for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, and the ERLC was attributing his work to someone else.

Greg Lucke, the founder and president of Docent writes for The Gospel Coalition. Joy Harris is the Operations Administrator who also works for Michael Wear. Michael Wear is a former Obama campaign staffer who is also an executive for the And Campaign. And Amber Bowen, the director of curriculum, is pro transgenderism

Protestia concludes:

The common denominator among those using Docent seems to be “experience-based” and “seeker-friendly” congregations with pastors who lean hard-left.

It’s clear that while Docent Research Group markets themselves as sermon research, they are far more involved than they let on. Docent Research Group represents one of the kingpins influencing Evangelicalism from the top down.


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  1. I thought this the other day, and I’ve resisted saying it but I’m sure now it’s true. These folks mentioned above, along with CT and their types, are just following the pressures of the present culture they find themselves in, allowing politics to drive their theology. Of course, for many there’s much more to it. One being fighting to be able to maintain their sinning without having to face it as such (we all struggle with sin of course). The point I’m getting at is they would have been the ones looking around at the crowd for guidance and then yelling “yes, crucify him”! “He’s a threat to the state, crucify”! Pretty harsh but they’re a US News and World Reports form of Christianity and I’m going tired of it. I struggle to love them, I guess I need to work on that!

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