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Redeemer Fellowship KC: A Woke Church Powered by Docent Research Group


The Ed Litton plagiarism scandal has revealed just how vast and industrialized sermons are. A company by the name of Docent Research Group was identified to being a kingpin of (errant) teaching in the church. Predictably such a centralization of church material was ripe for corruption and Docent Research Group has a Social Justice Gospel agenda. This was exposed in the initial Protestia article on the subject. This article continues this coverage by exposing a prominent Southern Baptist church using Docent Research Group. This information was found researching the employees of Docent Research Group. An employee by the name of Greg Lamb mentioned multiple clients he worked with as a “Solo Researcher” at Docent. There is considerable existing evidence that suggesting that Docent Research Group writes sermons, and Greg Lamb adds to this account.


Redeemer Fellowship KC is a multicampus megachurch in Kansas City, Missouri. It is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention and is an Acts 29 church. Redeemer Fellowship has been using Docent Research Group to prepare sermons since at least February of 2016. Redeemer Fellowship KC is also a woke church, that has been promoting Critical Race Theory, political leftism, and certain aspects of the Revoice Movement since at least 2017. It is unclear whether there exists a causal relationship between Redeemer Fellowship’s apostasy and Docent Research Group.

Greg Lamb

Greg Lamb was the employee or contractor of Docent Research Group. He is the source for the Redeemer Fellowship being a Docent client. He claims that “In February 2016, I began working as a contract researcher for Docent Research Group, an Austin-based, Christian, non-profit organization, where I worked on research and sermon briefs for Pastor Kevin Cawley of Redeemer Fellowship in Kansas City, MO (… In all these roles, I essentially serve as an extension to the preaching ministry of these growing churches through providing research, exegesis, and connective tissue to help bring God’s Word to life and resonate with contemporary culture.” From this we can gather that, at a minimum, Kevin Cawley has been using Docent Research since 2016. It is unknown specifically what Greg Lamb contributed to Redeemer Fellowship KC. Assuming that a sermon brief is an outline of a sermon, the most common understanding of the term, this would indicate that Greg Lamb was writing sermons for Kevin Cawley. Cawley claims that his church has a team approach to sermon preparations in a 2018 sermon on race (see below).

Kevin Cawley

Kevin Cawley is mentioned by name by Greg Lamb. He is still the lead pastor at Redeemer Fellowship KC. Though he does not have the largest online footprint, it is a fair assumption that he embraces Cultural Marxism, from that which is readily available. This will be made more evident in the church materials (See below).

Brian Key

Brian Key is a woke pastor. Brian Key is a Pastor/Residency Director, meaning he has authority over other pastors. In addition to supporting the teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools, Key is quite supportive of pagan initiatives like the And Campaign. It is fair to venture that Key is more woke than Cawley, the lead pastor.