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Prominent SBC Megachurch Powered By Docent Research Group

This article is part of Evangelical Dark Web’s series called Docent Dumps where pastors and churches who use Docent Research Group are being exposed. This article exposes Bob McCartney of First Baptist Church Wichita Falls, Texas as a client of Docent Research Group.


The Ed Litton plagiarism scandal has revealed just how vast and industrialized sermons are. A company by the name of Docent Research Group was identified to being a kingpin of (errant) teaching in the church. Predictably such a centralization of church material was ripe for corruption and Docent Research Group has a Social Justice Gospel agenda. This was exposed in the initial Protestia article on the subject. This article continues this coverage by exposing a prominent Southern Baptist church using Docent Research Group. This information was found researching the employees of Docent Research Group. An employee by the name of Greg Lamb mentioned multiple clients he worked with as a “Solo Researcher” at Docent. There is considerable existing evidence that suggesting that Docent Research Group writes sermons, and Greg Lamb adds to this account.


FBC Wichita Falls is an influential megachurch in the Southern Baptist Convention. It is a particularly impactful church in the Texas Baptist community. On paper FBC Wichita Falls is the least woke church covered in the Docent Dumps series. However, this church is a force for evil in SBC politics. The use of Docent Research Group by Dr. Bob McCartney and FBC Wichita Falls is evident that this megachurch is highly influenced by Big Eva within the SBC.

Greg Lamb

Greg Lamb is an employee or contractor of Docent Research Group, and he is the source for the North Valley Community Church being a Docent client. “I continued serving in both a solo and team leader research role with Pastor Dr. Bob McCartney of FBC Wichita Falls, TX, a seminal SBC church with over 2,000 members ( In all these roles, I essentially serve as an extension to the preaching ministry of these growing churches through providing research, exegesis, and connective tissue to help bring God’s Word to life and resonate with contemporary culture.” This the pastor listed by Greg Lamb. After establishing enough trust to work on his own with North Valley Community Church, Greg Lamb’s gig with Docent Research Group improved to being a team leader in handling his largest client yet, FBC Wichita Falls.

First Baptist Church Wichita Falls

FBC Wichita Falls is a multicampus megachurch with at or around 2000 members at three locations. This church could be seen as a pipeline to larger megachurches. Pastor Robert Jeffress of FBC Dallas was the former pastor of FBC Wichita Falls from 1992 to 2007. FBC Wichita Falls is far from the largest church on the block, in the Texas megachurch culture. However, this church is incredibly in line with the trajectory of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Bob McCartney

Dr. Bob McCartney is the head pastor at FBC Wichita Falls. This megachurch surprisingly has a small online footprint only archiving videos after they locked down in 2020. McCartney’s Twitter follows include Mark Driscoll, Andy Stanley, James MacDonald, Ed Stetzer, Russell Moore, and Tim Keller.

Bob McCartney is routinely on the wrong side of the elites in the Southern Baptist Convention. Bob McCartney came out and defended the pre-Baptist Resurgence liberal, Ed Litton’s conservative credentials. McCartney is ironically reticent following Ed Litton’s sermongate scandal. It would seem that hiring Docent Research Group is a likely contributor to McCartney’s loyalty. Bob McCartney is a Big Eva simp.


FBC Wichita Falls is an SBC megachurch influenced heavily by JD Greear and Ronnie Floyd. Their relationship with Docent Research Group, influenced by aforementioned Southern Baptist elites, is in line with the rest of this church’s behavior. Its thin veneer of theological conservatism is precarious at best. This is an establishment church playing ball with the SBC elites and their chicanery.


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  1. Don’t leave out Joby Martin of Church of Eleven 22 in Jacksonville, FL, another Acts 29 church. He made a video for their website some time around 2013, but now it’s gone. He’s great friends with JD and Matt.

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