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Exposing Woke Docent Sermon Writer Greg Lamb

It’s ironic when the pastor of a small church exceeds his influence he has in his own congregation by performing sermon prep for megachurch pastors. Docent Research Group provided one such opportunity for Greg Lamb. In addition to moonlighting as an adjunct professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, arguably the most degraded seminary in the Southern Baptist Convention, Lamb was also a researcher for Docent.

Docent Research Group has been made known as a kingpin in the industry of providing sermons that millions of people hear each Sunday. The idea of churches outsourcing their sermon preparation to corporations is off-putting to Christians, especially since they believe their pastors to be doing so.

Mays Chapel Baptist Church is a small Southern Baptist church in Bear Creek, North Carolina, founded in 1802. Its pastor is Greg Lamb, the only staffer listed on their website.

On LinkedIn, Lamb writes:

“In February 2016, I began working as a contract researcher for Docent Research Group, an Austin-based, Christian, non-profit organization, where I worked on research and sermon briefs for Pastor Kevin Cawley of Redeemer Fellowship in Kansas City, MO ( I was then promoted to a solo researcher and worked with Lead Pastor Ryan Rice of North Valley Community Church ( I continued serving in both a solo and team leader research role with Pastor Dr. Bob McCartney of FBC Wichita Falls, TX, a seminal SBC church with over 2,000 members ( In all these roles, I essentially serve as an extension to the preaching ministry of these growing churches through providing research, exegesis, and connective tissue to help bring God’s Word to life and resonate with contemporary culture.”

The three churches listed here each had their own major red flags. Redeemer Fellowship is a blatantly woke church. North Valley Community Church is an aspiring megachurch copying the megachurch in its area. And FBC Wichita Falls is an establishment Southern Baptist Church, with a Big Eva simp for a pastor. Greg Lamb proves rather versatile in being able to work with a diverse clientele. His client relationship with Kevin Cawley was during a pivotal time in the church embracing and teaching Critical Race Theory. His work with Ryan Rice upholds an ambitious but otherwise talentless and unintelligent pretend pastor. As for Dr. Bob McCartney, his client relationship with Docent Research Group kept him competitive in Texas megachurch culture and kept him in good standing with Southern Baptist elites.

While two of the three churches that Greg Lamb served are undoubtedly woke, embracing the false Social Justice Gospel, what of Greg Lamb himself?

Social media shows a lot of leftwing follows. The only right of center political account Lamb follows is Ben Shapiro. There’s a possibility for support for Black Lives Matter as well from Lamb’s social media.

Though Greg Lamb is perhaps wise enough to not out himself, the churches he wrote sermons for betray him in this regard. It’s clear that his influence in the church is not one for good but evil. And he is a small cog in the Docent Research Group machine.


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