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Andrew Torba annouces GabPay, a free speech alternative to PayPal

People love to complain about Big Tech censorship, but very few of the complainers are ever part of the solution. Too many believe that breaking up Big Tech using anti-trust law is the solution. But from a cultural perspective splitting Google and Facebook would create several companies also ran by Cultural Marxists, leftists, and pagans. It would be cutting the head off of this Hail Hydra.

The solution, therefore, is to support alternative platforms like Gab and MeWe. Andrew Torba has been an innovator in recognizing the problem and doing something about it. In building Gab, he took on the deplatforming of Big Tech and came out with a largely insulated company that has its own servers. However, there biggest ongoing hurdle has been payment processing. Payment processing on the Internet is dominated by companies like Stripe, Shopify, and PayPal. All three are active participants in censorship. In a recent post, Andrew Torba announced he has built a free speech alternative to PayPal called GabPay.

Gab has been banned from Paypal since 2018 along with many other payment processors including Stripe, Square, Coinbase, and more.

We are even banned from accepting Visa and Mastercard despite operating a fully legal American business that sells software services and merchandise like hats, mugs, and shirts as our business model.

Gab literally cannot accept credit or debit card transactions to sell you a hat on the internet. Thankfully we had options: checks and bitcoin. New and old technology coming together to defeat financial censorship. It’s not perfect, but it works and we are about to take it to the next level.

Big Tech censorship has always gone way beyond social media giants. And this is because these companies are engaged in an incestuous and fascistic relationship with Big Government. A cursory look through the history of social media censorship on things like vaccines, masking, and election integrity shows that they are in lockstep with what many call the “Deep State.”

An alternative to Paypal has never been more important now that the ADL will be combing through your financial transactions and ruining people’s lives for financially supporting people and organizations they don’t like.

I’m actually really glad that Gab has been banned from Paypal for years, because it protects all of our customers from the prying eyes of the demons at the ADL. As always, God had a plan and getting banned only led us to build GabPay.

With Big Tech using communist organizations like the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center being used to give large corporations credibility to censor individuals and their companies along ideological lines. We have long needed to build up an economy that is not dependent on Big Tech.

Andrew Torba is one of few doing that in such a way that helps lift the tide for us all. Many of the most willing and capable voices on the right, like Donald Trump and Mike Lindell, have persisted in building their vanity social media companies that attempt to duplicate existing alternatives. (Torba similarly calls Trump out.) But building a payment processor is a useful step in fulfilling the need that we actually have and fight back against Big Tech.

At Evangelical Dark Web, we are undergoing a new website construction that has taken as long as it has in part because of the hoops of insulating ourselves as much as possible from Big Tech including choosing the right server, domain registrar, email platform, etc. And though we have expanded the use of YouTube over the last year, that is where the eyeballs are and no real alternative has gained significant momentum. But the goal is to not rely on Big Tech, so that when we enter into it, we can be devastatingly effective without compromising our message.


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