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Woke Egalitarian Church funded by NAMB

Last week, it was exposed that the North American Mission Board was funding yet another egalitarian church. This one unsurprisingly turns out to be incredibly woke. After being nailed by Woke Preacher Clips, Tom Buck points out how CenterSet Church was a NAMB church plant. The North American Mission Board has been caught funding numerous egalitarian church plants, though they only admit this was first a problem in 2021 and that there were only six problem churches.

It’s worth noting that Elevation Church, the church of Steven Furtick is an egalitarian church that was funded by NAMB, long before CenterSet was a thing.

Tom Buck reports that this church has been championed by NAMB for years, and that CenterSet has openly operated as egalitarian in said time also made evident by lead pastor Yasmin Roohi’s LinkedIn profile.

CenterSet Church is still listed on the Southern Baptist Convention website under the name True Hope Community Church which shares the same address. The former name is listed on their website, indicating an oversight when they rebranded. CenterSet denies being labeled in a denomination on their website.

At the top of this is Kevin Ezell who is ultimately in charge of the North American Mission Board and responsible for where its dollars end up. The most gracious explanation is that the Southern Baptist Convention is so desperate to plant churches in areas like Silicon Valley, that they are willing to align with churches that are not Baptist by any stretch. Realistically, Kevin Ezell is an egalitarian and thus does not have the scruples becoming of a Baptist church planter. He is the Phantom Menace of the SBC downgrade.