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Jennifer Toledo

Jennifer Toledo takes on Woke Preacher Clips

Woke Preacher Clips has emerged as one of the most useful social media accounts in the field of spiritual warfare, because they expose, in their own words what many heretics are saying particularly of the Social Justice variety. What started out as a gimmick account quickly became the go to for clips for anyone reporting in the discernment world. But there is a weakness to Woke Preacher Clip’s model. Because they do not provide commentary, they are an easier target for exploiting YouTube’s corrupt copyright system. On Tuesday, their video on Jennifer Toledo championing the Great Reset was hit with one such copyright strike. This comes after The Gospel Coalition did the same (which would likely be a violation of 1 Corinthians 6.)

So, Evangelical Dark Web has produced a video featuring the Woke Preacher Clip in its entirety and a deeper dive on Jennifer Toledo. The specific clip is Jennifer Toledo ranting about how the Great Reset is our opportunity to rebuild the world as God intends. Toledo is the founding pastor at Expression 58 Church in Los Angeles. And while the name of the church sounds like a gay art exhibit, the church would best be characterized as mystic. The egalitarian church champions Social Justice to the surprise of no one. Their creative faith statement does not contain mention of hell and states:

That God is changing the face of Christianity from religious traditions to relationship with the heart of God through the word and His Spirit.

The craziest thing on Expression 58’s website was the advertisement of their SOZO sessions. SOZO, also known as Bethel Sozo is the creation of Bethel Church out in Redding, California. The church that boasts the false teacher, Bill Johnson is the church that Expression 58 seems to take a lot of influence from.


Jennifer Toledo wanted to suppress her wicked and contemptuous words celebrating the Great Reset. False teachers tend to despise and destroy criticism of them, whether by bully tactics in local church polity or online attacks. So our response was to shine a greater light on her.

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