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Jory Micah

Heretic Jory Micah announces divorce. Blames ‘purity culture’

Twitter is often a playground for feminist types like Karen Swallow Prior, Beth Moore, and Jory Micah to rail against orthodoxy in an environment with a population more disparately leftist than most places an American lives. Jory Micah is a popular heretic to have emerged and thrived in this environment. Evangelical Dark Web wrote about her a early on, pointing out that she’s so obviously antithetical to Scripture, that associating with her is an trip wire that should set off anyone with any semblance of discernment.

A few days ago she announced she’s separating from her husband (permanently) and blamed both of their fundamentalist upbringing.

There’s a lot of room for speculation in this tweet thread, but what she’s trying to communicate is rather clear. She blames the orthodox Christian teaching that sex is a gift to be exercised in the confines of marriage and actions and desires outside of this ordained institution are sinful. It’s hard to imagine how this teaching would undermine a marriage, but it’s easy to imaging how feminism undermines a marriage.

When your whole ministry is predicated on redefining Scripture, the church, and marriage, it would be a greater shock if said marriage stayed in tact. Until recently in human history, the Bible’s teachings on marriage were widely understood as useful, much like its teachings on finances, even by those where rejected Christ. But when you reject both of these things, what chance does a marriage have?

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  1. I don’t get it. So if they slept around a bunch in college or cheated on each other than their marriage would have survived? Or that they never would have gotten marriage? Jesus is pretty clear on marriage!!

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