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America vs China

Chinese Cartoon Promotes CRT to Children

In should come as no surprise that the ChiComs have a vested interest in propagating Critical Race Theory here in the United States. The obvious irony to point out is that China is arguably one of the most racist countries on earth. And while Critical Race Theory breeds prejudice, China is perfectly fine disliking every person African decent that isn’t a star basketball player.

About a year ago they put out a cartoon on teaching parent how to indoctrinated their children with Critical Race Theory to become “anti-racists.” And while the video got very little traction despite CGTN having 2.5 million subs, it shows us where China is at.

Make no mistake, China intends to be a sole superpower. And while their military is hardly proven on the battlefield, they have achieved so much without so much as firing a shot. Consider the “lab leak” and how China used the situation to intentionally damage their rivals. Another such ploy has been the push of Critical Theory in the United States. The Chinese achieved communism the old fashion way and they have maintained it by pacifying their people with amenities. In America, people weren’t starving, so Cultural Marxism was hatched out of the Frankfurt School.

In modern times, China sees Critical Theory as a means to destroy America. They don’t even tolerate Black movie stars on posters for American films. So when their cartoon talks about seeking entertainment on the basis on skin color, the hypocrisy is abundant. This is for us not for them. This is a cultural artillery barrage.

Critical Race Theory is not only an issue in the church, it’s also an issue with geopolitical implications. If the ChiComs believed Critical Race Theory was virtuous, as our woke pastors in the United States do, then they would promote it in their own country. But the fact that they don’t shows that this is a game to them.

In the lives of many woke hustlers we can see the hypocrisy. The most financially successful live in gated communities, while their Antifa dweeb supporters collect student debt in their parent’s basements. Many woke preachers were Prosperity Gospel preachers before they saw the cash money to be made in White guilt.

To some, this ideology is a game, a hustle, and a power play. But for the church, this vein ideology seeks to take the sheep captive. And the one’s taken captive do not see the bigger picture. From a cosmic perspective, Critical Theory is another false religion. From the ten thousand foot view, it’s a geopolitical game with high stakes.

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